Sunday, March 30, 2014

Expect The Unexpected!

Well I thought moving my bedroom around would be easy - old bed out - new one on its way - make more room so I can do rituals in there - easy right...wrong!

So I moved the old bed out and find mould along the bottom of my black painted wall (Yes I painted a feature wall black...apparently this is one way that could go wrong!) so the bookcases were totally covered at the back (books fine - thank god!) so the backs have had to go and I have had to move everything away from the wall.

So going to be spending sometime treating my wall and re-painting my bedroom a very bright white (although the rest of the room is white) and I am going to do it all over - again.

Can't make magick in a mouldy room with cobwebs...honestly...I can imagine the results and they would not be pretty!

So its not a fun job - full clean, paint, anti-mould treatment but it will make it a room more conductive to magick ;) and I now know why I had been having such awful dreams!

So whilst I am at it I will also be touching up the paint in other rooms from where it got damaged when radiators were put in by the council (landlord) don't think I have forgotten my blog or wont be back - I will just need they say in the film Practical Magic..."Clean House" :D

See you soon (hopefully!)

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