Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ostara, Painting and Fun!

So as promised myself (and you!) I have painted some eggs for this Ostara - well I did one egg as apparently me and paint don't mix well but my mum did two beautiful ones! I did a Ostara zentangle too....might do one for each sabbat....
So the before know for proof and all LOL! Isn't the table protector cute - it's a picture of the we don't get paint on the know - us messy adults!!!


 photo 100_3736_zps3e62cf62.jpg


and these are the beautiful results...


 photo 100_3741_zps32080c1c.jpg

From the top


 photo 100_3743_zpsff8cf762.jpg



And these are the same eggs from the back! Mine is the one with the pentacle/Ostara on it and my mums are the other two - aren't they gorgeous! She did a fantastic job!!!


 photo 100_3742_zps60ecb0e8.jpg



Here is my Egg-Shaped Ostara inspired zentangle!


 photo 100_3749_zps51b99ee8.jpg


Well this has been a fun and creative Ostara! The weather did not rained for a good part of the day but the plant do need the water in order to 'spring' up don't they! So shall enjoy the season of Rebirth...Ostara by sowing happiness, productivity and good health into mine and my loved ones lives...what will you be sowing into yours this Ostara?




  1. Phoenix well done hunny they are stunning love them all. xxx

  2. (((Misty))) Thanks sweetie - fun was had - need to do more family crafts for sabbats! xx

  3. What beautiful eggs and zentangle. Love them all :) I definitely think you should do a zentangle for each Sabbat :) xx

  4. Just gorgeous PIE!! Your mum is quite talented. I read an article about Mantangles: combining mandalas and zentangles. They are really beautiful as they are done with colors vs just the black & white and begin in the center working a mandala. Blessed Ostara to you and your mum. ((hugs)) SilverTL♥

    p.s. How to I set up a profile/ID so I don't have to comment as "Anonymous"?? :-(

  5. (((Celticawaitch))) Thanks sweetie - I think I shall....Samhain should be a fun one!

    (((SilverTL))) *Waves* Aww glad I set it up so peeps could post anonymously otherwise would have missed on you :( I find setting up a profile via google+ is the easiest way - this link will help - there are quite a few misties on there too :D xxx I love the sound of the Mantangles - shall HAVE to try them!!! Off to search about them now!

  6. Oh, I love it! These are beautiful! xxx

  7. (((Dana))) Thank you sweetie! xx