Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturdays Oracle

Ancestor of Protection

"I am the Ancestor of Protection. I guard the spirit of the one who invokes my power, keeping him or her true to their innate sense of being. I bring strength and energy to those who call upon me, and guide them to find a safe harbour for their journey. I stand as a primal ancestor and companion on the hardest paths you travel. As you embark on any new enterprise, I will stay beside you and protect you from the assaults of opponents or detractors."

Card meaning

Here the spirit of the mountain lion is shown with a second, almost hidden presence at its side. This represents the idea of a protecting spirit watching over another being. The role of the Ancestor of Protection is to stand beside us and to act in our defence. For the shamans of a tribal community it was a matter of course to recognise all animals as spiritual ancestors, who embodied the essence of their forebears. Here the Ancestor of Protection guards that essence without you, guiding you to remain true to your chosen path.

Keyword Interpretations: Strength; Guardianship; Fearlessness; The ability to help others; The feeling of protectedness; One who walks by your side in time of need.

My interpretation of this card for me at this time:

Well its very nice that my first official blog oracle card is one of protection - comforting as this whole writing online is pushing me out of my comfort-zone. But it is also doing me good - but this being a new enterprise as the card states it is very nice to know I have my guides watching over me. Of course I also have my patron, Hecate, watching over me and she protects me too.

I love the fact that the card has a tiger on it - I was born in the year of the tiger so I identify with this beautiful creature - it has its playfulness and its ruthlessness - which is something we all have to have to keep us safe.

I had been quite poorly over the past month of February so a bit of protection goes a long way when your first getting back to normal again. Rushing to far too soon can be damaging but not doing anything leaves you falling off your path - so again the guide is helping me stay true to my goals this year- of which I have quite a few!

I do enjoy helping thing I love about the online college I go to is I get to help out other students and friends on the forums. But sometimes I get so caught up helping that I forget to do my stuff - its a balancing act and one thing this life is teaching me is that I have trouble with balance! But that's a ramble for another day!

One reason I started this blog was because I had been so inspired by others who blog - there words have been so helpful at times, gave me ideas at other times and have cheered my day or made me laugh. I have discovered that I love writing (whether I am any good is not really a concern as I only do it for fun!) and I have had people enjoy what I write. Since I had always wanted a blog but had never felt confident enough this year I decided life is short - you have to go for this that you want to do. I had a card reading done that basically told me to stop hiding in the shadows - a place I am quite comfy being - and let my light out. Well this blog is me doing that - I don't mind who reads this or who doesn't but getting me to be out of *my* comfort-zone has been a long time coming and once your out of it and you have made the step sometimes its not as scary as you thought - and sometimes it is! So having the Ancestor of Protection come up to greet me tonight was comforting...for me! It lets me know that I am on the right path on this journey of mine, being creative and letting my light shine - if only a only a few. For me it is a step in the right direction - getting me to overcome anxiety - if only behind a screen.

Well that's all for now - I do look forward to seeing what I pull next weekend! I hope you enjoyed my ramble!


*Image of card and card meaning taken from: The Shamans Oracle by John Matthews/Wil Kinghan

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