Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Special Delivery!

Goddess Statue...

Well my Goddess Statue and bowl - which were handmade by a friend - came today!!! They were shipped from USA not too long ago so the shipping time is amazing!

Here is a picture of my beautiful new statue!

View from front

As you can see she is gorgeous! So wanted to say a big thank you to Lilyth to creating her and sending her all this way!

Now I just need to get her a beautiful crystal to put in the bowl of hers...I am thinking of one that stops the harmful rays from my computer getting to me or something like a terminator quartz to help the pc run or perhaps something to get me to focus...I shall post back to let you know what I choose and some information about it :D Of course if you have any ideas feel free to comment!

Now I just need to get another cork board (smaller one) to have on the wall by my computer...apart from a schedule I am thinking of creating/drawing a picture each sabbat of my representation of it that year...should be creative - and I just brought my first Zentangle it should be fun!

Well that's all from me for today!



  1. Just beautiful. I think a lovely Amethyst cluster would work well. It's good for PC's and I have one by mine. My zentangle kit is due to be delivered tomorrow and I can't wait, soexcited :) xxx

  2. (((DG))) I shall look into the Amethyst - haven't made my mind up yet - you know what I'm like! I got an email too - my zentangles (and oracle cards) are in the post...I am very excited!! Can't wait to try it out!! xxx