Monday, March 10, 2014


Spring has sprung!

Finally got out of the house today and got to see 'Spring' had finally sprung around me whilst I had been busy indoors! The sun was shining high in the sky, buds were speckled on the hawthorn bushes looking lush and green...and it was not cold!!

It was so wonderful to get the cobwebs blown away by the fresh clear air and it got me thinking about Ostara and my plans! After all how can you go out to town without seeing the gazillion easter eggs they have for sale and not start planning your own celebrations!

So this week I am going to dust off my seasonal altar and honour of this season...the season of rebirth :D Ostara is all about new life, new blood, new projects...whatever you are giving birth to in your life - this is the time to get on with it! Make your plans, plant those seeds and watch your creations becoming life later in the year...

So this year I am going to paint some eggs. I have had a pack of wooden eggs sat ready to be painted for a few years...illness and family crisis's has stopped me in the past but this year I want to make time to paint some special creations that I will put on my altar every year. I am going to invite my mum to paint some with me too :D

I don't know about you but since spring has finally arrived I feel a freshness and energy in the air...and its making me want to plan and create and just get on with things I have put off. So I would say this season is perfect for getting off my butt and putting plans into action - after all as soon as spring gets going, however slowly she starts, they ain't no stopping her - so I am going to work with that energy - shall post pictures of my altar when its all done :D

Got to remember not to do too much too soon - which is what the lovely sunset reminded is also important as is recreation! All work and no play make me a very cranky witch!

Blessed Be


  1. This is a wonderful, uplifting post in resonance with all the new growth taking form in my garden and the woods. I am going to harvestsome branches with catkins tomorrow for my Ostara tree. :) xxx

  2. Enjoy harvesting your catkins Dana - they are beautiful! Glad your enjoying my blog :D xx

  3. Beautiful post sweetheart! Congrats on the new blog and I look forward to reading more x

  4. (((Skylark))) Thank you for your lovely comment!! Glad your enjoying the blog too xx

  5. Love your blog Phoenix your writing is so descriptive that I can see the scene that you have written :) My hawthorn is in bud :) my garden is slowing budding and coming to life. Have spent sometime just sitting in my garden today doing a zentangle. xxx

  6. (((Misty))) Glad you enjoyed my ramble! I do love writing :) I shall have to go down the marina and take some pictures - I am hoping the swans are still there this year! Ooooh glad you enjoyed your Zentangle! I can't wait for mine to arrive *fingers crossed* it might be later on today! xx