Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday's Shaman Oracle

The Spirit of Initiation

"I am the Spirit of Initiation. With me at your side you will begin to understand the mysteries and wonders that surround us all at every moment of our lives. I may initiate you into many new experiences, but above all I can show you how to find truth and wisdom, which will help you to overcome most of the problems that may beset you. There is a point beyond which all who seek the path of enlightenment must travel, and this I can show you whenever you are ready."

Card Meaning

Initiation opens doors between different states of reality. For the shaman, initiation was an introduction to the realm of Spirit where he or she would conduct their work - receiving from otherworldly guides instructions in the work of healing and enquiry undertaken on behalf of the tribe. Initiation could take many forms, but usually included entering into a trance state in which the initiate received the approval of these beings of the inner world. The experience of being guided by otherworldly beings can still be ours today if we learn from the Spirit of Initiation.

Key word interpretations: Awareness; Strength; Enlightenment; The gift of vision; The path of transcendence; Access to inner wisdom; Welcoming transformation

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time

Wow - what a card! This card take me back to my own forms of initiation I have been through over the years on this path. My first 'seeker ritual' as a teenager first discovering the world of witchcraft and wicca! My intention ritual - to declare to the universe I wanted to learn more. My year and a day dedication ritual to declare to the Gods I was ready to walk this path fully for a full year - learning as much as humanly possible! Finally I wrote and created my own self-first degree initiation ritual (combined with a dedication to this path and yes self-initiation is another well-debated argument which will be a blog for another time) and performed it - it was truly beautiful. I have also performed a dedication to my patron Hecate - she has accepted me as one of her own - I am her witch, her priestess and she gifted me in a vision with my own torch *smiles*

But initiation also brings to mind new beginnings as the ritual of initiation is not the end of something - it is when the real work starts! A lot of people assume that with a degree the work is done - this is the opposite in Witchcraft - this is when the work begins. This is the time when you get put through the wringer and you are tested even more. You are given more work and more responsibility and you have to be ready to accept it along with the gifts of the initiation you have gone through!

I am currently working through a second degree in Wicca (I know I am not wiccan but the work I am doing in this degree adds to my practice as a witch - in a lot of ways Wicca and Witchcraft are similar but I shall do a blog another time to explain the differences!) and it is pushing me and also making me see how far I have come over the past 14 years! This card has made me look back and remember the wide-eyed teenage girl who first started reading about Wicca and how she had the courage to begin on this path - despite not having a huge amount of self-esteem and a lot of tough things going on in her life at the time. There was just something about this way of life that touched something that was buried within me - it stirred and awoke when reading that first Wicca book. It just got me - on a level no other religion had.

So the spark was lit and it is burning brightly! I wonder what more this path has in store for me - I have already travelled from seeker to dedicant to witch to initiate to priestess...but they are just labels and do no justice to what actually goes on in your life when you go through these processes! The labels don't mean anything if your heart & soul isn't in it - which is something else you learn along the way! Just because someone declares themselves something does not make it so.

Lately I have been readjusting my bedroom into more of a temple/altar area for me. I am shifting things around so I can do more rituals and spend more time at my altar without having to squeeze past furniture...and swear when I bang my knee into something!!! Don't get me wrong - I can spend time with my patron anywhere - perform magick anywhere - I do not have to have a set place or tools on me but it is always nice to have a 'base' where you have your altar and you can spend quality time at.

I have also cut stress out of my life (well as much as I can - we all have stress that we cannot cut away!) and am spending more time by myself - I am trying to listen more to the wisdom of my body - so access to inner wisdom - really struck me! I am attempting to be in harmony with myself - emotionally, spiritually and physically - which is hard. But I am trying and so far it is helping immensely. But more on that another time as I think I have rambled enough for today!

Just one last note - transformation is hard. Change is hard. But saying that it is not bad. Yes sometimes things come out of nowhere and leave us shaken, stressed and wondering what the hell just happened - but in these times we get to rebuild and find our true strengths. Like in the tower card - all that is no longer needed crumbles and what you are left with is a strong foundation on which to build - that is how I describe initiation.


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