Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thoughts of Ostara

Ostara Altar!

2014 Ostara
So I have spent some of today creating my 2014 Ostara Altar. I am lucky enough to have more than one altar in my home and since my mum is witch-friendly and totally great with my religion she doesn't mind my seasonal altar being in the living room! In fact she added the picture of Bluebell Woods to the cork board!

The cork board is an idea I got ages ago - I change it for each season! I love the freedom of creativity on it - I can pretty much put whatever I want on it - including lights at yule! Here is a closer look...and in case you can't make it out the broom's caption is "A Witch Lives Here" :D

2014 Ostara Board

So I haven't painted any eggs yet - want to get extra paint! But here is a closer look at that gorgeous egg tree...in the middle of my altar

2014 Egg Tree
I was lucky enough to buy this a few years ago at a local Tesco store! Isn't it super cute - of course the little bird and nest baskets did not come with it - that's just me being creative *giggles* thought it would be nice to have some birdies in the tree :D

Well that's all from me today - but what are your plans for your Ostara altar?



  1. Lovely altar - I love the cork board idea :)

  2. I have had a lot of feedback (on fb) about the cork board - seems I'm inspiring a lot of people with that one :D Would love to see your own if you decide to do one! xx

  3. Love your Ostara Alter hun :) your egg tree is amazing this is the first time I have seen one. The corkboard is a brilliant idea ,you have inspired me . :)

  4. (((Misty))) You should have seen me when I saw it in Tesco a few years ago - I was bouncing on the spot and so excited - lol! Glad to have inspired so many with my cork board x