Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Oracle

The Ancestor of Knowing

"I am the Ancestor of Knowing. I am the embodiment of all knowledge, and show you the way toward a proper understanding of everything around you. You may think you know a person or a situation, without having a true appreciation of their character or significance. My clear vision offers you an illuminating perspective in all directions. I enable you to see past surface features, penetrating beneath then to arrive at a truer wisdom."
Card Meaning:
 Long associated with far-sighted wisdom, the owl makes a perfect representation of "knowing" - a concept far more profound than mere knowledge. Knowing takes us to a deeper inner sanctum where we can not only perceive but also appreciate the true nature of what we are feeling or experiencing at any given time. The Ancestor of Knowing is a key figure who directs us on on our quest for knowledge - his guidance takes us to a level of perception that transcend the shallow and the superficial, helping us to access the archetypal truths of existence.

Keyword Interpretations: Clear-sightedness; The gift of transcendence; Knowledge with understanding; Warrior insight.

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time: 
Well when I was shuffling the cards I asked for the oracles wisdom - I guess I got what I asked for! The owl is a wise old bird - in the land of totems it is the one you seek out for knowledge. It is said that the owl is by far superior with its knowledge because of how quiet it is - it observes much through its silence and gains wisdom this way. They have the ability to see in the dark - meaning they can see what others can't and they have the ability to see though people and situations - they don't merely skim the surface of a person with their gaze - they look soul deep so there is no deceiving them! They are a symbol of the unknown - which is odd as there are a bird of wisdom but I think it is more a message for the person they come to - they can be associated with death but this is generally in the terms of rebirth. Change is on the cards when they show up in your life! 

The owl is also one of my patrons (Hecates) animals - not surprising since she is a Goddess of many things wisdom included. It is not a surprising animal for her - the owl looks in many direction as does she, she has the ability to see when people are deceiving her or themselves, she can help us through changes and through the dark times of our lives and she also cuts through past our superficial nature and gets our real selves to emerge. 
So what does this mean for me....well change is coming that much is evident. I will need to use my intuition and pay close attention to my dreams. Interestingly enough I was writing in my journal earlier about what I need to change in my live so this card coming up helps me know I am on the right track. I need to work more on my spirituality and spend more time doing rituals and meditations. I need my yoga and exercise back in my life, I need to focus on integrating more of what makes me happy into my everyday life. 
Well that is all for today but I volunteered to be a reviewer for the publisher Moonbooks so I will be putting reviews on for up and coming witchcraft books on here soon! I am only reviewing one this month so it will be put on sometime in the next week!
PS - I will get them pictures up of my new hecate statue too!
*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sundays Oracle

Well interestingly I got two cards today! So  on to them – Spirit of Challenge and Dancer of Frustration! I shall put both the meanings etc up first and then write up my personal interpretation of them together as I have a feeling they are meant to be taken together…

Spirit of Challenge

“I am the Spirit of Challenge. I challenge you to look at your life and to change it. I challenge you to forge ahead of your path in spite of opposition. I challenge you to look again at tasks that seem insurmountable and to accept the risks you face in trying to accomplish them. I demand the highest degree of perseverance and determination you can muster. With me at your side, you can tackle challenges that might otherwise deter you. Together we can face the hardest of tests and emerge victorious.”

Card Meaning

Challenges confront us constantly as we try to adapt to life’s changing circumstances, fend off various pressures and work toward out goals. They may not be physical or emotional; they might be frightening or puzzling. Many of the challenges we face are intrinsic to our chosen destiny, but others rush at us from nowhere, as by-products of chance – for example, unemployment or ill-health. The Spirit of Challenge is demanding, and forces us to address head on obstacles that lie in our way. It allows no room for procrastination or avoidance, and in return offers us the satisfaction of success.

Keyword Interpretations: Accessing courage; Determination in the face of adversity; Taking risks; Facing up to opposition; Drawing the energy to move ahead; Reassessment of resources

And next….

The Dancer of Frustration

“I am the Dancer of Frustration. I delight in placing obstacles in your path, but I can also show you that there are other paths to walk. What will you do when I appear? Either you will push against me and try to break my hold; or you will walk with me until the strength of my grip begins to lessen. So, while I may seem a negative force in your journey, I teach you to look for better ways to advance and how best to strengthen your resolve.”

Card Meaning

At time the universe itself seems determined that we should fail, and the mountains of wasted energy spent in the attempt to break that wall of frustration can drain us for longer than we realise. We need only to look at this powerful cave art to see that frustration is no new thing. The Dancer of Frustration may stand in our way, but also encourages us to look beyond the obvious and find a new path that may lead us to greater joys and richer rewards than the original path we sought to take. The moment we can visualise that new path is the moment we can begin the move forward again.

Keyword Interpretations: Opposition; Weakened resolve; Hopelessness; Paths blocked; Inhibitions strengthened; Determination to find a way; Anger; Passivity; Desire diminished/strengthened; Release

My personal interpretations of these cards for me at this time:

Well that’s a lot to take in…these are two very powerful cards and I can see where they play out in my life.

The dancer especially – some days the universe really does seem to be against me and my plans…and I get angry and I rant and rave and all that energy fighting the universe does seem like a waste…but it’s a hard pattern to break and I like my own way…well I like to do things my own way, so when the universe steps in to tell me it wants it done another way I get stressed as it messes up my plans! Like when I put a ton of pressure on myself to do everything at once and the universe steps in with a massive cold to knock me on my ass…this truly is a lesson I need to learn. The other side of this is I get so down beaten every time nothing goes my way – when nothing I do goes right or when all my best laid plans get squished under the universes red high heeled shoe I give in to defeat – another not good option.

Which takes me to the spirit of challenge….and its no room for procrastination! I need no room for procrastination – I could (and do on occasion) procrastinate all day over something simple. It’s also another waste of time and energy.

Now at first glance the readings of these cards seem to be in opposition – one wishes you to go for it despite everything and one will stop you despite you best efforts – story of my life perhaps – as I am always a contradiction!

I think these cards complement each other in a challenging way. They want to give you challenges – obstacles so your journey is the one that is for you – we all know no journey is meant to be easy otherwise what would be the point? The other card wishes you to give it your all – never give up and muster all your energy and courage and get to the highest point of that metaphorical mountain – no matter how many times you may have to change your path, adjust your support and change directions.

So I am taking up this challenge – with part of me rolling my eyes already saying what’s the point but I am taking no notice as I am listening to the still quiet voice within saying…interesting – what if….what if this works?

I know that changing my perspective has already helped me so perhaps this will be another key for me to put on my spiritual key chain – if I can master the challenge and my anger!

So…procrastination so long….and frustration…would you care to dance for a while?



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sundays Oracle…

The Hunter of Conflict

“I am the Hunter of Conflict. Though I may seem fierce and intractable, I hesitate to draw my sword except in defence. Rather, I seek peaceful ways to help you resolve opposition in your life, and whilst I may use powerful energies of conflict to fuel myself, I do not seek to gain victory over others through violence or aggression. I exist to seek out the sources of your inner conflicts, and find ways to heal and restore you to a state of wholeness.”

Card Meaning

Conflict, though we seldom choose it willingly, is deeply embedded within our collective psyche today, just as it was for our forebears. Now, as then, we see conflicts over territory, possessions and ideas, and often these can lead to the destruction of values and ways of life. The Hunter of Conflict stands beside us to seek out a path of healing, and counsels us to be peaceful – to lay aside old grievances and inner debate. In our own lives we may often feel at war with ourselves, in turmoil over decisions we must make. Letting go of such anxieties clears our mind, restoring balance and inner peace.

Card Interpretations:
Struggle; Determination; Resolution; Finding better ways; Restoring balance; Facing obstacles; Courage; Energy; Healing; Harnessing strength to achieve peace.

My personal interpretation for me at this time…

Wow…what a card. Conflict….it is a hard thing to not notice at the moment – especially in the world. In papers, on TV – seems like there is conflict everywhere and everybody needs help. I find it overwhelming – seems like there is too many people who need help and not enough hours in the day to sign petitions, get things brought out into the daylight and not enough people wanting to know or see the ‘truth’ for whatever reason.  But I don’t want to turn this into a political blog – there are far many people more qualified than me to write them!

Then there is inner conflict…another hard thing. How do you find the energy to get through your day when you are busy fighting with yourself or your inner critiques? The energy we expend on beating ourselves up would be put to far better use trying to resolve our issues and heal from them but old habits die hard. Letting go in particular is a major shadow of mine – I do not let go…I hold on for dear life to things that cause me regret and guilt. I try and try to let go but something in me wont and refuses to give it up. I aren’t sure why…something I will have to delve into no doubt! There is a stereotype about witches – that we are all peaceful and full of light – well we have as many issues any anybody else of any faith (or no faith) – we can also be as self-destructive as the next person even when we know what to do to help ourselves – but that’s why it called “self” destructive. It’s a hard pattern to get out of – but it is do-able if you try. Affirmations, keeping yourself in check when you feel old patterns turning up to reclaim their hold on you and the situation, working on your aura and with your charkas can help but honestly you need to just stop and take a good look inside. No fancy candle or books needed – just you, your shadow (in this case self-destructiveness) and some honesty. Things can be changed and healed – however hard. The most important part of it – which has helped me immensely – is changing what I say/think to myself. Getting my inner critique to help me rather than hurt me. When things go wrong – not to beat myself up emotionally or take it out of people around me! I have stopped thinking/saying the hurtful things to myself and started being kinder – it’s amazing what a big difference that one small change can make.

Conflict – a third one is with other people. I hate drama – I try and stay out of it as much as possible – which can’t always be done. But when I do get involved I try to be diplomatic and nip it in the bud ASAP! Other than during a retrograde (like this mercury one) I do tend to hibernate and not speak as much to people as other times as communication is well and truly battered about by Mercury…miscommunications, arguments and CONFLICT are rife at this time so I try to keep my head in a book or a blog LOL!

So for me this card is suggesting I need to delve into the whole “Why is letting go” so sodding hard for me to do….I know my anxieties don’t help and hinder me and I know it’s because I am a perfectionist. But in order to heal and move forward it needs addressing!


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Guess Who *smiles*

Long-time no see…

I know – it has been ages since I blogged – between DIY house projects and ill health cropping up again I have been too busy to come by.

I just thought I would come by to check in, say I hadn’t fallen off the planet *wink* and I hadn’t forgotten about my blog – I have been missing writing a lot though…and I realise I never uploaded any pictures of my beautiful new Hecate statue – and I have never done a blog post for her my lovely patron - all things I shall be fixing this year!!

So since I haven’t posted for so long I thought I would share something (although I have tweaked it slightly) I wrote a while ago on the Mercury Retrograde – since we’re currently in a Merc Retro thought it would be a good time :D

Mercury Retrograde…..

Well I thought I would try my hand at discussing this interesting astrological time and see what everyone’s thoughts and survival techniques (LOL) are for getting through a Mercury Retrograde. I hear the words Mercury and Retrograde in the same sentence and want to hide away in a cave without anything electronic – which would probably drive me batty as I love my gadgets!

Honestly I am not qualified at all in astrology so this is just a post from a fellow witch that gets freaked out by the old Merc Retro! I have this massive tendency to dread it and I wonder does that make it worse?? Like how people dread Friday the 13th – it has been shown that people react in a negative way expect negative things to happen so they do – is it all a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I personally believe it is a mix of us ‘expecting the worse’ and old mercury doing what is does best during a retrograde. It is the time that if some electrical is going to die on us – it will choose to do it during the time when mercury is in retro!

But I was thinking since we are now into a Merc Retro – what are the positive aspects of it – as we all know in life everything has a balance so if the bad aspects are our electronics going wonky, our internets being temperamental then there has to be a way of working with the retrograde in a positive way! So I did what I do best online and I googled LOL and found that although yes the merc retro is like…bad for lots of things – communication, electronics, it does have a flip side!!

There are things that are good to do during a retrograde! Anything that start with a RE – for instance Research, reinvent, reassess, re-organise, rethink, re-do, re-write, re-balance, re-apply, renew, rethink, reflect, repair, review, reacquaint, reclaim, restart etc. I am sure you can think of more!

So although the Mercury Retrograde is a bad time for communication with others it sounds like a great time to reacquaint with our paths, spirituality, our deeper selves  even – and it’s a great time (according to research) to think outside the box!! Perhaps we could re-immerse ourselves back into nature and leave our gadgets for a few hours. Sorting through our witchy things is a good project for a retrograde as well as re-indexing and re-sorting our BOS’s (as long as they are not on a pc!!)

My own survival technique (besides trying to hibernate without gadgets – which isn’t going to work in summer anyway) is to try and have a little less gadget time – turn off the pc, phone etc and go out for walks. Re-think about my path, Re-asses my life goals (not just witchy ones) and I also having some re-decorating (lol) to do which will get me away from electronic break downs!

So I hope that I have helped some people feel more positive about the retrograde that started on Saturday 7th June 2014 and ends Tuesday 1st July 2014!

Okay so I hope these thoughts and ideas help you to find the positive side of the Mercury Retrograde and I hope I have helped others besides me to feel a bit better about the….dreaded mercury retrograde!

Well that’s all for now but I shall be actively blogging again in the next month or so