Sunday, June 08, 2014

Guess Who *smiles*

Long-time no see…

I know – it has been ages since I blogged – between DIY house projects and ill health cropping up again I have been too busy to come by.

I just thought I would come by to check in, say I hadn’t fallen off the planet *wink* and I hadn’t forgotten about my blog – I have been missing writing a lot though…and I realise I never uploaded any pictures of my beautiful new Hecate statue – and I have never done a blog post for her my lovely patron - all things I shall be fixing this year!!

So since I haven’t posted for so long I thought I would share something (although I have tweaked it slightly) I wrote a while ago on the Mercury Retrograde – since we’re currently in a Merc Retro thought it would be a good time :D

Mercury Retrograde…..

Well I thought I would try my hand at discussing this interesting astrological time and see what everyone’s thoughts and survival techniques (LOL) are for getting through a Mercury Retrograde. I hear the words Mercury and Retrograde in the same sentence and want to hide away in a cave without anything electronic – which would probably drive me batty as I love my gadgets!

Honestly I am not qualified at all in astrology so this is just a post from a fellow witch that gets freaked out by the old Merc Retro! I have this massive tendency to dread it and I wonder does that make it worse?? Like how people dread Friday the 13th – it has been shown that people react in a negative way expect negative things to happen so they do – is it all a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I personally believe it is a mix of us ‘expecting the worse’ and old mercury doing what is does best during a retrograde. It is the time that if some electrical is going to die on us – it will choose to do it during the time when mercury is in retro!

But I was thinking since we are now into a Merc Retro – what are the positive aspects of it – as we all know in life everything has a balance so if the bad aspects are our electronics going wonky, our internets being temperamental then there has to be a way of working with the retrograde in a positive way! So I did what I do best online and I googled LOL and found that although yes the merc retro is like…bad for lots of things – communication, electronics, it does have a flip side!!

There are things that are good to do during a retrograde! Anything that start with a RE – for instance Research, reinvent, reassess, re-organise, rethink, re-do, re-write, re-balance, re-apply, renew, rethink, reflect, repair, review, reacquaint, reclaim, restart etc. I am sure you can think of more!

So although the Mercury Retrograde is a bad time for communication with others it sounds like a great time to reacquaint with our paths, spirituality, our deeper selves  even – and it’s a great time (according to research) to think outside the box!! Perhaps we could re-immerse ourselves back into nature and leave our gadgets for a few hours. Sorting through our witchy things is a good project for a retrograde as well as re-indexing and re-sorting our BOS’s (as long as they are not on a pc!!)

My own survival technique (besides trying to hibernate without gadgets – which isn’t going to work in summer anyway) is to try and have a little less gadget time – turn off the pc, phone etc and go out for walks. Re-think about my path, Re-asses my life goals (not just witchy ones) and I also having some re-decorating (lol) to do which will get me away from electronic break downs!

So I hope that I have helped some people feel more positive about the retrograde that started on Saturday 7th June 2014 and ends Tuesday 1st July 2014!

Okay so I hope these thoughts and ideas help you to find the positive side of the Mercury Retrograde and I hope I have helped others besides me to feel a bit better about the….dreaded mercury retrograde!

Well that’s all for now but I shall be actively blogging again in the next month or so


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