Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Oracle

The Ancestor of Knowing

"I am the Ancestor of Knowing. I am the embodiment of all knowledge, and show you the way toward a proper understanding of everything around you. You may think you know a person or a situation, without having a true appreciation of their character or significance. My clear vision offers you an illuminating perspective in all directions. I enable you to see past surface features, penetrating beneath then to arrive at a truer wisdom."
Card Meaning:
 Long associated with far-sighted wisdom, the owl makes a perfect representation of "knowing" - a concept far more profound than mere knowledge. Knowing takes us to a deeper inner sanctum where we can not only perceive but also appreciate the true nature of what we are feeling or experiencing at any given time. The Ancestor of Knowing is a key figure who directs us on on our quest for knowledge - his guidance takes us to a level of perception that transcend the shallow and the superficial, helping us to access the archetypal truths of existence.

Keyword Interpretations: Clear-sightedness; The gift of transcendence; Knowledge with understanding; Warrior insight.

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time: 
Well when I was shuffling the cards I asked for the oracles wisdom - I guess I got what I asked for! The owl is a wise old bird - in the land of totems it is the one you seek out for knowledge. It is said that the owl is by far superior with its knowledge because of how quiet it is - it observes much through its silence and gains wisdom this way. They have the ability to see in the dark - meaning they can see what others can't and they have the ability to see though people and situations - they don't merely skim the surface of a person with their gaze - they look soul deep so there is no deceiving them! They are a symbol of the unknown - which is odd as there are a bird of wisdom but I think it is more a message for the person they come to - they can be associated with death but this is generally in the terms of rebirth. Change is on the cards when they show up in your life! 

The owl is also one of my patrons (Hecates) animals - not surprising since she is a Goddess of many things wisdom included. It is not a surprising animal for her - the owl looks in many direction as does she, she has the ability to see when people are deceiving her or themselves, she can help us through changes and through the dark times of our lives and she also cuts through past our superficial nature and gets our real selves to emerge. 
So what does this mean for me....well change is coming that much is evident. I will need to use my intuition and pay close attention to my dreams. Interestingly enough I was writing in my journal earlier about what I need to change in my live so this card coming up helps me know I am on the right track. I need to work more on my spirituality and spend more time doing rituals and meditations. I need my yoga and exercise back in my life, I need to focus on integrating more of what makes me happy into my everyday life. 
Well that is all for today but I volunteered to be a reviewer for the publisher Moonbooks so I will be putting reviews on for up and coming witchcraft books on here soon! I am only reviewing one this month so it will be put on sometime in the next week!
PS - I will get them pictures up of my new hecate statue too!
*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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