Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sundays Oracle…

The Hunter of Conflict

“I am the Hunter of Conflict. Though I may seem fierce and intractable, I hesitate to draw my sword except in defence. Rather, I seek peaceful ways to help you resolve opposition in your life, and whilst I may use powerful energies of conflict to fuel myself, I do not seek to gain victory over others through violence or aggression. I exist to seek out the sources of your inner conflicts, and find ways to heal and restore you to a state of wholeness.”

Card Meaning

Conflict, though we seldom choose it willingly, is deeply embedded within our collective psyche today, just as it was for our forebears. Now, as then, we see conflicts over territory, possessions and ideas, and often these can lead to the destruction of values and ways of life. The Hunter of Conflict stands beside us to seek out a path of healing, and counsels us to be peaceful – to lay aside old grievances and inner debate. In our own lives we may often feel at war with ourselves, in turmoil over decisions we must make. Letting go of such anxieties clears our mind, restoring balance and inner peace.

Card Interpretations:
Struggle; Determination; Resolution; Finding better ways; Restoring balance; Facing obstacles; Courage; Energy; Healing; Harnessing strength to achieve peace.

My personal interpretation for me at this time…

Wow…what a card. Conflict….it is a hard thing to not notice at the moment – especially in the world. In papers, on TV – seems like there is conflict everywhere and everybody needs help. I find it overwhelming – seems like there is too many people who need help and not enough hours in the day to sign petitions, get things brought out into the daylight and not enough people wanting to know or see the ‘truth’ for whatever reason.  But I don’t want to turn this into a political blog – there are far many people more qualified than me to write them!

Then there is inner conflict…another hard thing. How do you find the energy to get through your day when you are busy fighting with yourself or your inner critiques? The energy we expend on beating ourselves up would be put to far better use trying to resolve our issues and heal from them but old habits die hard. Letting go in particular is a major shadow of mine – I do not let go…I hold on for dear life to things that cause me regret and guilt. I try and try to let go but something in me wont and refuses to give it up. I aren’t sure why…something I will have to delve into no doubt! There is a stereotype about witches – that we are all peaceful and full of light – well we have as many issues any anybody else of any faith (or no faith) – we can also be as self-destructive as the next person even when we know what to do to help ourselves – but that’s why it called “self” destructive. It’s a hard pattern to get out of – but it is do-able if you try. Affirmations, keeping yourself in check when you feel old patterns turning up to reclaim their hold on you and the situation, working on your aura and with your charkas can help but honestly you need to just stop and take a good look inside. No fancy candle or books needed – just you, your shadow (in this case self-destructiveness) and some honesty. Things can be changed and healed – however hard. The most important part of it – which has helped me immensely – is changing what I say/think to myself. Getting my inner critique to help me rather than hurt me. When things go wrong – not to beat myself up emotionally or take it out of people around me! I have stopped thinking/saying the hurtful things to myself and started being kinder – it’s amazing what a big difference that one small change can make.

Conflict – a third one is with other people. I hate drama – I try and stay out of it as much as possible – which can’t always be done. But when I do get involved I try to be diplomatic and nip it in the bud ASAP! Other than during a retrograde (like this mercury one) I do tend to hibernate and not speak as much to people as other times as communication is well and truly battered about by Mercury…miscommunications, arguments and CONFLICT are rife at this time so I try to keep my head in a book or a blog LOL!

So for me this card is suggesting I need to delve into the whole “Why is letting go” so sodding hard for me to do….I know my anxieties don’t help and hinder me and I know it’s because I am a perfectionist. But in order to heal and move forward it needs addressing!


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