Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sundays Oracle

Well interestingly I got two cards today! So  on to them – Spirit of Challenge and Dancer of Frustration! I shall put both the meanings etc up first and then write up my personal interpretation of them together as I have a feeling they are meant to be taken together…

Spirit of Challenge

“I am the Spirit of Challenge. I challenge you to look at your life and to change it. I challenge you to forge ahead of your path in spite of opposition. I challenge you to look again at tasks that seem insurmountable and to accept the risks you face in trying to accomplish them. I demand the highest degree of perseverance and determination you can muster. With me at your side, you can tackle challenges that might otherwise deter you. Together we can face the hardest of tests and emerge victorious.”

Card Meaning

Challenges confront us constantly as we try to adapt to life’s changing circumstances, fend off various pressures and work toward out goals. They may not be physical or emotional; they might be frightening or puzzling. Many of the challenges we face are intrinsic to our chosen destiny, but others rush at us from nowhere, as by-products of chance – for example, unemployment or ill-health. The Spirit of Challenge is demanding, and forces us to address head on obstacles that lie in our way. It allows no room for procrastination or avoidance, and in return offers us the satisfaction of success.

Keyword Interpretations: Accessing courage; Determination in the face of adversity; Taking risks; Facing up to opposition; Drawing the energy to move ahead; Reassessment of resources

And next….

The Dancer of Frustration

“I am the Dancer of Frustration. I delight in placing obstacles in your path, but I can also show you that there are other paths to walk. What will you do when I appear? Either you will push against me and try to break my hold; or you will walk with me until the strength of my grip begins to lessen. So, while I may seem a negative force in your journey, I teach you to look for better ways to advance and how best to strengthen your resolve.”

Card Meaning

At time the universe itself seems determined that we should fail, and the mountains of wasted energy spent in the attempt to break that wall of frustration can drain us for longer than we realise. We need only to look at this powerful cave art to see that frustration is no new thing. The Dancer of Frustration may stand in our way, but also encourages us to look beyond the obvious and find a new path that may lead us to greater joys and richer rewards than the original path we sought to take. The moment we can visualise that new path is the moment we can begin the move forward again.

Keyword Interpretations: Opposition; Weakened resolve; Hopelessness; Paths blocked; Inhibitions strengthened; Determination to find a way; Anger; Passivity; Desire diminished/strengthened; Release

My personal interpretations of these cards for me at this time:

Well that’s a lot to take in…these are two very powerful cards and I can see where they play out in my life.

The dancer especially – some days the universe really does seem to be against me and my plans…and I get angry and I rant and rave and all that energy fighting the universe does seem like a waste…but it’s a hard pattern to break and I like my own way…well I like to do things my own way, so when the universe steps in to tell me it wants it done another way I get stressed as it messes up my plans! Like when I put a ton of pressure on myself to do everything at once and the universe steps in with a massive cold to knock me on my ass…this truly is a lesson I need to learn. The other side of this is I get so down beaten every time nothing goes my way – when nothing I do goes right or when all my best laid plans get squished under the universes red high heeled shoe I give in to defeat – another not good option.

Which takes me to the spirit of challenge….and its no room for procrastination! I need no room for procrastination – I could (and do on occasion) procrastinate all day over something simple. It’s also another waste of time and energy.

Now at first glance the readings of these cards seem to be in opposition – one wishes you to go for it despite everything and one will stop you despite you best efforts – story of my life perhaps – as I am always a contradiction!

I think these cards complement each other in a challenging way. They want to give you challenges – obstacles so your journey is the one that is for you – we all know no journey is meant to be easy otherwise what would be the point? The other card wishes you to give it your all – never give up and muster all your energy and courage and get to the highest point of that metaphorical mountain – no matter how many times you may have to change your path, adjust your support and change directions.

So I am taking up this challenge – with part of me rolling my eyes already saying what’s the point but I am taking no notice as I am listening to the still quiet voice within saying…interesting – what if….what if this works?

I know that changing my perspective has already helped me so perhaps this will be another key for me to put on my spiritual key chain – if I can master the challenge and my anger!

So…procrastination so long….and frustration…would you care to dance for a while?



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