Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shaman Oracle

  So todays Shaman oracle post is on a tuesday - my schedule with posting is a little erratic at the moment so bear with me. I also added an about me page to my blog - enjoy!

The Spirit of Initiation

"I am the Spirit of Initiation. With me at your side you will begin to understand the mysteries and wonders that surround us all at every moment of our lives. I may initiate you into many new experiences, but above all I can show you how to find truth and wisdom, which will help you to overcome most of the problems that may beset you. There is a point beyond which all who seek the path of enlightenment must travel, and this I can show you whenever you are ready."

Card Meaning

Initiation opens doors between different states of reality. For the shaman, initiation was an introduction to the realm of Spirit where he or she would conduct their work - receiving from otherworldly guides instructions in the work of healing and enquiry undertaken on behalf of the tribe. Initiation could take many forms, but usually included entering into a trance state in which the initiate received the approval of these beings of the inner world. The experience of being guided by otherworldly beings can still be ours today if we learn from the Spirit of Initiation.

Key word interpretations: Awareness; Strength; Enlightenment; The gift of vision; The path of transcendence; Access to inner wisdom; Welcoming transformation

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time 

Well - this is a surprise - I know I have blogged this card once in this blog so I wonder what it will bring up this time for me. Here goes...

Initiation - it can be big and grand or small and simple and honestly powerful in any of these ways. It can be seen and unseen - it can occur to you that it happened years after it did and sometimes it doesn't take. 

It is also only the beginning - everyone makes out initiation to be this magickal key, which it is, but the problem is people think after an initiation it all comes to you easily - which it doesn't. All paths of study require hard work - you don't get degree in medicine and then never have to study or do any work...the answers to problems do not miraculously get placed in your brain. Initiation into any path of witchcraft is the same - don't get me wrong, it is a big achievement and something to be proud of but it is a beginning of a new chapter for you.

Lately I have been feeling called away from my online studies (which is a 2nd degree in wicca). I have felt called to work on my own path, craft and traditions. I want to give my altar an overhaul and start having dedicated time in my own space - even if it is just five minutes to connect and meditate, pull a card, light a candle...

I feel the need to be in nature - whether than means in the patio, having my bedroom window open to see the back garden or actually venturing out - I need the connection it provides me - away from the four walls. It allows my soul to be nourished and my roots to grow. I want to work deeper on myself - with the elements, Hecate and my shadow. I feel the need to find my place - within this big world and within my craft. I want to forge my own way and focus more of my time on my spirituality - but as always I want it to be intertwined with my daily life. 

I think mostly the reason I have temporarily felt detached from my online study group/community is because I want to *do* my craft not just study it and write about it. I want to be active more in my daily practises which I feel is more important at the moment - I have all of winter to sit inside pen and notebook in hand answering questions. Right now I want to embrace my practise - not think about it but get on with it.

So there we have it - a transformation on my path. I look forward to where my inner wisdom leads me and to what practices I create - I am sure some will work and I will love forever, some may be temporary and some may not gel at all - that is what practise is all about after all. 

Right - that is enough typing for tonight! I shall ponder this some more though but for now I have a cup of tea awaiting me and a stack of books! 



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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