Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shaman Oracle

The Shaman of Birth 

“I am the Shaman of Birth. I guide souls into being. I am present from the moment of conception to the moment when the newborn arrives in the world. I help at the birth of many things, including ideas, beliefs, wisdom and change. I guard and show the way to all who seek this path of new beginnings: trust in me as you contemplate your future, for I am midwife to the dreams of many.”

Card Meaning

We give birth every day – to ideas, aspirations, hopes and promises. Our ancestors understood the importance of new beginnings to ensure the continuing life of the tribe, and we can learn much from this. All fresh starts of any kind, warrant the attention we would lavish on a child coming into the world. The Shaman of Birth shows the miracle of pregnancy: a warrior figure guards the woman who carries the unborn child, ensuring that it comes to no harm. We need to take the same protective attitude to any new or fresh directions in our lives.

Keyword Interpretations: New life; New directions and ideas; Rebirth of dreams; Fulfilment; Encouraging new approaches to problems; Preparing for the moment; Future life-lines

My personal interpretation for me at this time

Hmm…is it just me or have I been getting a lot of cards about changes and rebirth lately…

This is an interesting card – firstly I am always protective of my ideas, thought and feelings – I do not trust easily and I keep my cards close to my chest. Those who know me well are the only ones who can tell what is going on with me usually unless I open up. So I am guessing this card isn’t too much about protection…

Which leads to birth…firstly for me this card is not to do with having kids – not something I want to do in my life. So any births in my life would be spiritual…perhaps I am reawakening a side of me that hasn’t been out in the sun for a while. Perhaps it is referring to being creative or my blog and my writing. Perhaps it is referring to my spiritual life…

I think we are born each and every day – we are never the same person from one day to the next. Things happen – life happens and it changes us – for good or for bad. These moments will come and only you can decide how you react and deal with them – this is one thing the card says to me. Be prepared to change and have things set upside down. Stagnation is not living. Don’t ever forget that tomorrow is always going to welcome a new you and a new day.

It is also telling me to open up more to myself – allow my creativity more often – share it with those I trust and to allow myself time to just BE. I guess I sometimes think having time to myself to be spiritual can be selfish…but having that time isn’t selfish – it heals, nourishes your soul and give you time to reflect.

Hmm…I shall ponder this some more over cheesecake and strawberries…wonder if the Goddess would like a strawberry is not lost of me that being a midwife is one of Hecate's titles...I wonder what she has in store for me...


*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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