Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shaman Oracle…a little late

Better late than never I suppose...

It’s been quite a busy, and stressful, time of late so last week’s oracle had been delayed - till now. I am trying to get into more of a routine with everything in my life – this blog included – I shall get there….someday!

So the oracle card I drew today is…

The Shaman of Tradition

“I am the Shaman of Tradition. I burrow into the deepest memories of the land to uncover truth and bring it to the surface, flame-lit by the consciousness of all who love life. No matter what you are seeking, I can find a tradition that matches your dreams and aspirations. I stand before you, holding aloft the energies of the inner worlds and brining these forces to bear upon everything you set out to accomplish.”

Card Meaning

Tradition underpins so much of our lives, yet we are often cavalier with it. A tradition can be anything from an ancient ritual, such as Midwinter fires or dancing around the Maypole, to the morning routines that prepare you for the day ahead – either way, it is part of the fabric of what makes us human. The Shaman of Tradition draws on the deep-rooted customs of the land and uses them to fuel our spiritual quest for knowledge. This shaman reminds us that we should never ignore tradition, which is often a vehicle for ancestral wisdom and can offer us vital clues about who we are.

Keyword Interpretations: Valuing established patterns; Acknowledging the past; Acceptance of the shaping power of tradition; Deep memory; Reassessing paths; Recognising traditions in daily living

My own personal interpretations of this card for me at this time:

Tradition…before I was a witch tradition didn’t use to be something I thought about often if I am honest. The biggest tradition I had was the Christmas tree going up or the New Year! Even then if I am honest I was more interested in it for the pretty lights, fireworks and chocolates…so I guess I have never been traditional in the traditional sense….and if you followed me around that bend in thinking well done!

I am in the process of getting into a routine…which I aren’t good at it. Even though I am one of those annoying people who like a routine – till they get fed up with it and then move on to fun things – which inevitable drain me as those things tend to include being sociable so then I go back to craving routine safety. What does this have to do with tradition? Well honestly I think traditions are a kind of routine – its something you do at specific times with a specific goal in mind. Take my nightly devotions to Hecate – I do them without fail every night – granted sometimes they can be at 2AM in the morning or they can be before midnight – but I always do them – it’s my way – my tradition or routine if you will. It is the time I carve out of my night to contact my patron and do my prayers and talk to her about stuff. Don’t get me wrong I talk to her lots – but this time for me is special – I light my devotional candle and I ground and centre myself ready to have my time with her.

I want more traditions in my life and craft. I have neglected the sabbats – I realise part of this is because I don’t identify with being Wiccan anymore (since last year when I realised it didn't fit me anymore) – One thing I had never really gotten into was the whole myth of the sabbats with Wicca – the whole god dying, being born to the goddess and then marrying her – don’t get me wrong I understand the whole agricultural metaphor and this is not me having a go at other traditions but it doesn’t gel with me. To me, I have realised over the past year, the sabbats are about the balance of the seasons – the flowers, the earth, the natural world around me. These are the ways I relate to the sabbats so I need to do sabbats my way – I need my traditions back – but in my own way on my terms. I am not saying I will always do a full circle and ritual – some sabbats it may just be a lit candle and some flowers left out but the point is I will build on it – each year my sabbats will be personal to me because they will be my traditions.

Since this card always talks about a “spiritual quest for knowledge” I guess I should mention that I am about to start working with the element Earth as soon as I get chance. I have already had a lunar month of working with Air, Fire and Water – Earth is up next! I also intend to work with Spirit – which will be challenging but very worthwhile.

Another tradition I have started for myself is to list a few things – even just one if that’s all I can manage – of things I am grateful from that day – yes I tell Hecate all these thing – after my devotion to her and after I ask for healing for people and send out energy – I go through the blessings of that day I am grateful for – whether they are a hot shower, clean bedding or a nice meal or something like seeing a beautiful big dragonfly outside (just a hint – these are my gratitudes for today!)

So I think that covers it – even though it is somewhat jumbled. Basically I need to get off my butt and make my own traditions – I don’t need to follow anyone else’s – mine will work perfectly for me. I don’t feel called to work with a different Goddess throughout the year/sabbats – Hecate can and shall be honoured at all the sabbats by me. I shall no longer try to fit my traditions around other peoples way of doing things and it feels pretty good. So here’s a cheer to being a solitary witch – and the freedom we have to make our own paths and traditions *smiles*



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"


  1. merry meet (((((((((PIE))))))))))
    it's so fun to see you here!! i was poking around over at the mists and didn't see you posting so much. i haven't been there a lot, but i did go back because i missed the community. i've been questioning/realizing i'm not really wiccan either, and i haven't really been feeling called to do the lessons. but i do long for traditions. it's so hard to put routines, in place isn't it? anyhoo i would love if you end up writing more about the traditions you create and put in place in your life, to the extent you are comfortable sharing of course. i'm very glad to find your blog and i will visit you wherever you go. blessings and love <3

  2. (((Dru))) Merry Meet sweetie - glad you found me *giggles* I have been awol on the mists lately and been having a break from the studies and doing my own studying. I will absolutely be putting my own traditions and way of doing things on when I establish them and I hope to blog way more than I do at the moment very soon! *Love and Hugs*