Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

The Spirit of Love

“I am the Spirit of Love. I surround you at every moment of your life and touch every aspect of your being. I can guide you, transform you, turn your life upside down. I permeate everything around you and I enable you to relate more positively to the life you live, to those who share it with you, and to the greater forces with which you interact. I am abstract and personal, distant and direct. My power is everywhere and transcends everything it touches.”

Card Meaning

Love has evolved through countless forms of expression down the ages, yet at its heart there is something timeless and universal. The heart knows its own wisdom and often bewilders us with its sudden change of direction. The Spirit of Love helps us to understand one of the most vital energies that drive our world. Represented here as an abstract figure, this spirit opens its arms in an all-encompassing embrace. In the same way, we should allow our own love to flow – passionately, and without censor or discrimination. Only through loving deeply will we be loved in return.

Keyword Interpretations: Love in every aspect, human and divine; Transformation; Reversal; Betrayal; Enlightenment; Warmth, Courage; Belief; Transcendence; Longing; Fulfilment

My own personal interpretations of this card for me at this time:

What is that old saying…Love makes the world go around. I always felt it was quite corny and not always the truth. There is a lot of ugliness in this world but then again there is also so much beauty. Corny as that saying may be perhaps it has truth within it – after all we are influenced by our environments so if we fill it with love we will see love - glass half full and all. I tend to be quite cautious with everything I do – I think, think again and over analyse till I am blue in the face. Letting my heart point out the direction does not always work for me – or should that be it doesn’t work for my head – which likes to take the analytical lead. One thing I am trying to do is be more open to my heart and her wisdom. I am very careful with my love and trust and only give it when I know it will be taken care of. I have high walls around it and don’t let anyone in easily. My trust has been broken more times than I can count so I can come off in person as cold or aloof – but this is my anxiety that stops me from revealing my true self – until you know me that is.

When I was shuffling the cards I asked for guidance – no specific questions but worries were racing through my head. I feel I pulled this card (well actually it flew from the pack and skidded across the table!) to calm me and let me know I am safe and I am loved – whatever the situation, wherever I am – it is there with me and with that I can get through what I need to but I also need to love myself – not be harsh with myself or talk negatively towards myself through this time of strife. Let the love keep me strong and don’t push everyone away and worry alone. Let light in and love flow with ease to calm me. Don’t lash out at those around me – let this challenge strengthen me not send me into despair. Hearts have a world of courage in them - if only we listen. It will be okay.



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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