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Moonbooks Book Review: Naming the Goddess

Moonbooks Book Review: Naming the Goddess

Naming the Goddess
By Trevor Greenfield

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Official blurb from the back of the book:

Naming the Goddess is a delightful read, answering questions and raising them, from a variety of perspectives, all grounded in personal experiences, often in years of seeking and finding the Goddess and Goddesses. There is something here for everyone, for those new to the Goddess and for those who know Her. I especially liked the reflections with which the book begins and appreciated the catalogue of Goddesses written by different people who understood the different Goddesses from their different standpoints. --Carol P. Christ, author of Rebirth of the Goddess, leader of Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete.

A must read for those old and new to Goddess. With new and known authors, this book gives an interesting and varied view on Goddess and feminine spirituality, and how that effects both spiritual paths and society. Brilliant! --Annabell Alexander (Founder of the Goddess Foundation).

Naming the Goddess is an amazing combination of the practitioner's voice alongside the scholar, while addressing many of the important issues within Goddess Spirituality today. Within the pages of Naming the Goddess, Goddess Spirituality comes of age as it manages to strike a healthy balance between honoring the old beliefs yet reclaims the Divine Feminine in a more contemporary context for modernity. Great new voices carrying the torch for understanding and embracing The Great She for the future of our world! --Karen Tate, author of Walking an Ancient Path, Goddess Calling and Voices of the Sacred Feminine.

About the Author(s)
With over eighty contributors and edited by Trevor Greenfield, Naming the Goddess is a collaborative work featuring contributions from authors such Selena Fox, Kathy Jones, Caroline Wise, Rachel Patterson and many others.

Kindle price: £1.86 UK/ $3.09 USA (Special offer price $2.99 and £2.99)
Paperback Price: £11.99 UK/ $16.80 USA
Publishing date: 26th September 2014

(Be aware the book is for pre-order and is on a special offer at the moment for the kindle version!)

My Review

Firstly I have got to say I love this book – so much I have pre-ordered it for my kindle!

This book is a beautifully written – it is a spiritual work of art for the goddess in my opinion! It has been written by all priestesses, Priests, Witches, Pagans – and most of the individual chapters within on specific goddesses are written by those who are dedicated to them or have them as patrons so their words truly come from the heart.

Not only have I learnt about an amazing number of Goddesses over the past few days of reading but I have also learnt different sides to them and more of their individual history. I have found some that I had never heard of and I am eager to learn more about of them!

Within this book is not only chapters on individual goddess but also there are chapters written by well-known pagans and pagan authors on interesting topics everything from The role of the Goddess, to the Evolution of the Goddess and Ancient Goddesses in the modern world – all interesting and fascinating takes!

All I can say is if you are pulled by the goddess, if you are interested in the Goddess and learning more about her or if you have a deep interest in spirituality and the Goddess then this is the book you want!

Enjoy your reading time – I highly recommend getting this book and don’t forget it is on special offer between now and the 26th September for the e-version book! Just £2.99/$2.99 – you are getting a bargain if you pre-order now!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!  

Review by ©PhoenixIndigoEmber

Sundays Shaman Oracle

The Ancestor of Exile

“I am the Ancestor of Exile. I have borne witness to many kinds of separation, and have watched the suffering of those who are driven away from their home or country. Yet there is a deeper exile still – an exile from ones self – and I stand ready to help lost people find their way back to their place of belonging. Draw strength from me when you need reconnection or support in times of loneliness.”

Card Meaning

Exile does not have to be simply a physical state of being – for example, isolation from a community, a tribe, a place of work, or even a family. Exile can extend to one’s sense of self – perhaps denoting a loss of self-worth, self-understanding, self-love. The Ancestor of Exile comes to help us when we feel detached from ourselves, or from any aspect of our lives – enabling us to reconnect with the course of our life’s journey. The sharp spike of emotional solitude is painful and damaging, especially when the wound is left untended. The Ancestor of Exile will restore our sense of wholeness.

Keyword Interpretations: Reconnection; Return; Restoration to family or nation; Strength in time of loss; A new direction home;

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time:

When I look at this card I get a sense of loneliness…of being somewhere alone – but you can be just as lonely in a crowd of people. We can sometimes get pulled off our path by others or we can pull ourselves away thinking that other paths are better than ours – either way you exile yourself from yourself and your own path. Nobody knows out paths better (other than perhaps the divine) and we need to put our faith back in ourselves and lead ourselves rather than risking exile.

I have always been quiet by nature and I have often found safety and peace of mind in my times of self-induced solitude or exile. But there have also been times where I have been exiled – and I have been forced (via bully’s) into a place of loneliness, depression and a place of low self-esteem.

This can be a touchy subject for me – as much as I enjoy spending time connecting with my friends I also need my alone time to recharge my ‘social batteries’ but sometimes too much alone time can led to a dark depression for me also – it is a fine balance and one I have not yet gotten the hang of.

I also detach from myself sometimes – usually when I am depressed. I lack the motivation to do something to help myself…which in turn leads me into a deeper exile with myself. I do have an idea of something which could help me but it is something I need to put together when I am not feeling low. A self-help motivation kit – obviously mine would be a lot different from yours but a few things I would include are: positive affirmations, aromatherapy (geranium brightens my mood), yoga or exercise (I would include a list rather than put all these things in one place as my yoga mat would be very hard to fit in!), a playlist of songs that make me feel good, my oracle cards to guide me through, crystals (citrine and rose quartz with a clear quartz would work well for me), a favourite book or movie – that’s all I have so far but you get the gist of it. I will also add a letter to myself – to remind myself of who I am without the depression – to make myself remember that this is just me having a bad day/week. I would also give myself a small but effective kick up the butt if I have been letting my altar time slide too!

So moving on back to the card, in other posts I have talked about feeling I have neglected my spiritual community but I know this card is not about that since I have reconnected and am coming along with lessons and classes quite well. I have recently done a social cull on one of my media platforms – I had too many people on there that I had never spoken to once and I prefer quality over quantity with friends every time. Seems in this day and age it is quite hard to make friends – with everything being via a screen or a mobile. People don’t talk anymore – they message. This is fine when the person you are talking to is in another country but I am talking about people sitting next to one another and messaging…something is getting very wrong with our culture. Don’t get me wrong I love technology but I think for the sake of the children in the world people need to start communicating properly with each other again otherwise we will all be in exile – from each other and from ourselves.


*As always the card image and meaning are taken from “The Shamans Oracle”

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Sundays Shaman Oracle

Sorry I have been absent for a couple of weeks – I have tendinitis in my wrist and it plays up on occasion and I have to rest it – hence no typing…or shuffling of cards….which I missed so here I am – renewed!

The Dancer of Life

“I am the Dancer of Life. I celebrate all that is, all that has been, all that will be. I dance throughout all the human and spiritual realms, following the bright thread of life that connects everything that has being. I teach love, I teach strength and I impart a belief in the sacredness of all living things. I bring with me the power that breaks down all barriers, that survives in the face of all odds, that shines forth in even the darkest of moments.”

Card Meaning

The explosion of life shines out from every line of this image – a vivid depiction of the vitality and wonder of human experience. Just as our ancestors realised that they were both part of and separate from everything alive, so we continue to share that relationship. The Dancer of Life reinvigorates our sense of the life forces that surround us, both human and spiritual, and encourages us to learn from other beings. This Dancer celebrates life and gives us the strength to seize the opportunities that each day offers, and to rejoice in the spirit of adventure.

Keyword Interpretations: Energy; Fertility; Hope; Celebration; Joy in all things; Living in the now; Entering into awareness; Soul; Endurance; Respect for others; Endless possibilities

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time:

 Did I ever mention how much I love these cards? Well I'm saying it again. For the past couple of weeks I have been up and down in my mood – mostly down due to all the horrible things going on in the world right now…I have been asking myself where is the good? Where is the balance? The world feels sorely out if it…but I have had friends and family that have surrounded me with love and have cheered me on in many different ways and I am grateful for them.

I have wondered over the past week – where the light is in this world…and I don’t have any easy answers. I do know that you have to do your best to stay positive – very much easier typed than lived and done! You have to guard your own inner light from the darkness of this world sometimes. You have to learn to look for the good – which is also hard as news outlets tend to overload us with all that’s going wrong in our world these days. Negative stories tend to attract more press and I wonder why that is…

In times of struggle, of pain and suffering you have to be able to find your own spark – your inner light and it will guide you. It is not easy but it will help you transform the negative into positive. It can’t change the news…it can’t take away the hopelessness but it can take away your own negativity which in turn will have a ripple effect on the lives of those around you.

Even the smallest candle lights the darkest of nights…and one candle can light a million…find your light!


*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Shamans Oracle

The Spirit of Family

“I am the Spirit of Family. I hold the heart of the family group in my hands, sheltering it and protecting it from harm, and helping to bind together the elements it comprises. On every side I see relatives, both human and animal, that together form part of a greater whole. I reach out to your spiritual kin, to both ancestors and guardians, offering support in times of trouble, and resolution in times of conflict.”
Card Meaning
The concept of Family was essential to our distant ancestors, whose first loyalties were to the survival of the family unit. The tribe itself was held together by an intricate network of bonds, including those with the ancestral dead. However, their idea of kinship went beyond the human – the creatures with whom our forebears shared their world were equally significant and were seen as part of the tribe. The Spirit of Family awakens us to the whole spiritual community of the shaman, both human and animal, and reminds us of the vital role played by kinship.

Keyword Interpretations: Resolution in time of conflict; Seeking the support of family members; Relatives lost and found; Sense of community; Importance of the spiritual family

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time:

Firstly my thoughts were “what a beautiful card” – so full of love and genuine feeling.

I have neglected my spiritual family of late – through the beauty of the weather I have felt more like being out in nature – around my nature family. Walks to the marina and parks have been as lovely as ever – I cherish the time with my mum as well as the connection to nature I feel.
My blood family (apart from my mum) is not one I am close with – they are not supportive or caring in ways a family should be. But I am lucky to be close to my mum – we have a wonderful bond and I am forever grateful for that.

I think this card is pointing me back to my spiritual family and community that has been neglected by me for some time. I have neglected studies and boards on their of late in favour of doing “my own thing” but I think it is important to remain close to my spiritual family – I need to go by and spend sometime within the online halls of these beautiful places. I need to catch up on studies and with people. 

It is important to remain deeply rooted within your own traditions but it is equally important to not get isolated – this path can be lonely especially for a solitary witch. We need to make these bonds within our lives with other witches and people – we need to treasure our sisters and friendships on this path. It can take us far and to meet a variety of people, especially in the age of the internet. 

I aren’t a particularly social creature – I have to get to know people a lot before I trust them but even I know the importance of other people in our lives to talk to and to bond with and share support with.

I have had bad times with people and good times and I hope to move forward in peace. Too often drama can be an upsetting negative side-effect of covens and spiritual groups – we’re all human and it is normal but sometime it goes too far and people get hurt – including those who were stirring the drama. I feel it is important to keep our spiritual families close and as drama free as possible in order to create a harmonious and balanced circle – to truly keep it a ‘family’ blood or not.

The other part the card talks about it our ancestors and animal family. I don’t know my ancestors but I do keep pictures and letters from people who I loved that have died – it’s my way of honouring them and the effect they had on me when they were here on earth. As for animals – well I love animals (or furbabies as I call them)! Unfortunately I am not at a point where I can offer a home to any – my favourite are cats but I do like dogs too. The last time I was blessed with one of these beautiful creatures I had to rehome him – it was a painful experience but I wouldn’t change a thing as I got to love a beautiful creature of the goddess *smiles* I am finally healing enough that I can enjoy beautiful kitty pictures and funny pet videos online that my friends share! 

So basically my spiritual family – well they know who they are…my mum, My patron (Hecate), my totem animals, my sisters and friends….and I am grateful to you all and happy to have you all in my life. 

Well that’s my shaman card for tonight and I must say it has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling of love *smiles*

*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"