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Moonbooks Book Review: Naming the Goddess

Moonbooks Book Review: Naming the Goddess

Naming the Goddess
By Trevor Greenfield

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Official blurb from the back of the book:

Naming the Goddess is a delightful read, answering questions and raising them, from a variety of perspectives, all grounded in personal experiences, often in years of seeking and finding the Goddess and Goddesses. There is something here for everyone, for those new to the Goddess and for those who know Her. I especially liked the reflections with which the book begins and appreciated the catalogue of Goddesses written by different people who understood the different Goddesses from their different standpoints. --Carol P. Christ, author of Rebirth of the Goddess, leader of Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete.

A must read for those old and new to Goddess. With new and known authors, this book gives an interesting and varied view on Goddess and feminine spirituality, and how that effects both spiritual paths and society. Brilliant! --Annabell Alexander (Founder of the Goddess Foundation).

Naming the Goddess is an amazing combination of the practitioner's voice alongside the scholar, while addressing many of the important issues within Goddess Spirituality today. Within the pages of Naming the Goddess, Goddess Spirituality comes of age as it manages to strike a healthy balance between honoring the old beliefs yet reclaims the Divine Feminine in a more contemporary context for modernity. Great new voices carrying the torch for understanding and embracing The Great She for the future of our world! --Karen Tate, author of Walking an Ancient Path, Goddess Calling and Voices of the Sacred Feminine.

About the Author(s)
With over eighty contributors and edited by Trevor Greenfield, Naming the Goddess is a collaborative work featuring contributions from authors such Selena Fox, Kathy Jones, Caroline Wise, Rachel Patterson and many others.

Kindle price: £1.86 UK/ $3.09 USA (Special offer price $2.99 and £2.99)
Paperback Price: £11.99 UK/ $16.80 USA
Publishing date: 26th September 2014

(Be aware the book is for pre-order and is on a special offer at the moment for the kindle version!)

My Review

Firstly I have got to say I love this book – so much I have pre-ordered it for my kindle!

This book is a beautifully written – it is a spiritual work of art for the goddess in my opinion! It has been written by all priestesses, Priests, Witches, Pagans – and most of the individual chapters within on specific goddesses are written by those who are dedicated to them or have them as patrons so their words truly come from the heart.

Not only have I learnt about an amazing number of Goddesses over the past few days of reading but I have also learnt different sides to them and more of their individual history. I have found some that I had never heard of and I am eager to learn more about of them!

Within this book is not only chapters on individual goddess but also there are chapters written by well-known pagans and pagan authors on interesting topics everything from The role of the Goddess, to the Evolution of the Goddess and Ancient Goddesses in the modern world – all interesting and fascinating takes!

All I can say is if you are pulled by the goddess, if you are interested in the Goddess and learning more about her or if you have a deep interest in spirituality and the Goddess then this is the book you want!

Enjoy your reading time – I highly recommend getting this book and don’t forget it is on special offer between now and the 26th September for the e-version book! Just £2.99/$2.99 – you are getting a bargain if you pre-order now!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review!  

Review by ©PhoenixIndigoEmber

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