Sunday, August 03, 2014

Shamans Oracle

The Spirit of Family

“I am the Spirit of Family. I hold the heart of the family group in my hands, sheltering it and protecting it from harm, and helping to bind together the elements it comprises. On every side I see relatives, both human and animal, that together form part of a greater whole. I reach out to your spiritual kin, to both ancestors and guardians, offering support in times of trouble, and resolution in times of conflict.”
Card Meaning
The concept of Family was essential to our distant ancestors, whose first loyalties were to the survival of the family unit. The tribe itself was held together by an intricate network of bonds, including those with the ancestral dead. However, their idea of kinship went beyond the human – the creatures with whom our forebears shared their world were equally significant and were seen as part of the tribe. The Spirit of Family awakens us to the whole spiritual community of the shaman, both human and animal, and reminds us of the vital role played by kinship.

Keyword Interpretations: Resolution in time of conflict; Seeking the support of family members; Relatives lost and found; Sense of community; Importance of the spiritual family

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time:

Firstly my thoughts were “what a beautiful card” – so full of love and genuine feeling.

I have neglected my spiritual family of late – through the beauty of the weather I have felt more like being out in nature – around my nature family. Walks to the marina and parks have been as lovely as ever – I cherish the time with my mum as well as the connection to nature I feel.
My blood family (apart from my mum) is not one I am close with – they are not supportive or caring in ways a family should be. But I am lucky to be close to my mum – we have a wonderful bond and I am forever grateful for that.

I think this card is pointing me back to my spiritual family and community that has been neglected by me for some time. I have neglected studies and boards on their of late in favour of doing “my own thing” but I think it is important to remain close to my spiritual family – I need to go by and spend sometime within the online halls of these beautiful places. I need to catch up on studies and with people. 

It is important to remain deeply rooted within your own traditions but it is equally important to not get isolated – this path can be lonely especially for a solitary witch. We need to make these bonds within our lives with other witches and people – we need to treasure our sisters and friendships on this path. It can take us far and to meet a variety of people, especially in the age of the internet. 

I aren’t a particularly social creature – I have to get to know people a lot before I trust them but even I know the importance of other people in our lives to talk to and to bond with and share support with.

I have had bad times with people and good times and I hope to move forward in peace. Too often drama can be an upsetting negative side-effect of covens and spiritual groups – we’re all human and it is normal but sometime it goes too far and people get hurt – including those who were stirring the drama. I feel it is important to keep our spiritual families close and as drama free as possible in order to create a harmonious and balanced circle – to truly keep it a ‘family’ blood or not.

The other part the card talks about it our ancestors and animal family. I don’t know my ancestors but I do keep pictures and letters from people who I loved that have died – it’s my way of honouring them and the effect they had on me when they were here on earth. As for animals – well I love animals (or furbabies as I call them)! Unfortunately I am not at a point where I can offer a home to any – my favourite are cats but I do like dogs too. The last time I was blessed with one of these beautiful creatures I had to rehome him – it was a painful experience but I wouldn’t change a thing as I got to love a beautiful creature of the goddess *smiles* I am finally healing enough that I can enjoy beautiful kitty pictures and funny pet videos online that my friends share! 

So basically my spiritual family – well they know who they are…my mum, My patron (Hecate), my totem animals, my sisters and friends….and I am grateful to you all and happy to have you all in my life. 

Well that’s my shaman card for tonight and I must say it has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling of love *smiles*

*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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