Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

Sorry I have been absent for a couple of weeks – I have tendinitis in my wrist and it plays up on occasion and I have to rest it – hence no typing…or shuffling of cards….which I missed so here I am – renewed!

The Dancer of Life

“I am the Dancer of Life. I celebrate all that is, all that has been, all that will be. I dance throughout all the human and spiritual realms, following the bright thread of life that connects everything that has being. I teach love, I teach strength and I impart a belief in the sacredness of all living things. I bring with me the power that breaks down all barriers, that survives in the face of all odds, that shines forth in even the darkest of moments.”

Card Meaning

The explosion of life shines out from every line of this image – a vivid depiction of the vitality and wonder of human experience. Just as our ancestors realised that they were both part of and separate from everything alive, so we continue to share that relationship. The Dancer of Life reinvigorates our sense of the life forces that surround us, both human and spiritual, and encourages us to learn from other beings. This Dancer celebrates life and gives us the strength to seize the opportunities that each day offers, and to rejoice in the spirit of adventure.

Keyword Interpretations: Energy; Fertility; Hope; Celebration; Joy in all things; Living in the now; Entering into awareness; Soul; Endurance; Respect for others; Endless possibilities

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time:

 Did I ever mention how much I love these cards? Well I'm saying it again. For the past couple of weeks I have been up and down in my mood – mostly down due to all the horrible things going on in the world right now…I have been asking myself where is the good? Where is the balance? The world feels sorely out if it…but I have had friends and family that have surrounded me with love and have cheered me on in many different ways and I am grateful for them.

I have wondered over the past week – where the light is in this world…and I don’t have any easy answers. I do know that you have to do your best to stay positive – very much easier typed than lived and done! You have to guard your own inner light from the darkness of this world sometimes. You have to learn to look for the good – which is also hard as news outlets tend to overload us with all that’s going wrong in our world these days. Negative stories tend to attract more press and I wonder why that is…

In times of struggle, of pain and suffering you have to be able to find your own spark – your inner light and it will guide you. It is not easy but it will help you transform the negative into positive. It can’t change the news…it can’t take away the hopelessness but it can take away your own negativity which in turn will have a ripple effect on the lives of those around you.

Even the smallest candle lights the darkest of nights…and one candle can light a million…find your light!


*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

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