Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

The Ancestor of Exile

“I am the Ancestor of Exile. I have borne witness to many kinds of separation, and have watched the suffering of those who are driven away from their home or country. Yet there is a deeper exile still – an exile from ones self – and I stand ready to help lost people find their way back to their place of belonging. Draw strength from me when you need reconnection or support in times of loneliness.”

Card Meaning

Exile does not have to be simply a physical state of being – for example, isolation from a community, a tribe, a place of work, or even a family. Exile can extend to one’s sense of self – perhaps denoting a loss of self-worth, self-understanding, self-love. The Ancestor of Exile comes to help us when we feel detached from ourselves, or from any aspect of our lives – enabling us to reconnect with the course of our life’s journey. The sharp spike of emotional solitude is painful and damaging, especially when the wound is left untended. The Ancestor of Exile will restore our sense of wholeness.

Keyword Interpretations: Reconnection; Return; Restoration to family or nation; Strength in time of loss; A new direction home;

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time:

When I look at this card I get a sense of loneliness…of being somewhere alone – but you can be just as lonely in a crowd of people. We can sometimes get pulled off our path by others or we can pull ourselves away thinking that other paths are better than ours – either way you exile yourself from yourself and your own path. Nobody knows out paths better (other than perhaps the divine) and we need to put our faith back in ourselves and lead ourselves rather than risking exile.

I have always been quiet by nature and I have often found safety and peace of mind in my times of self-induced solitude or exile. But there have also been times where I have been exiled – and I have been forced (via bully’s) into a place of loneliness, depression and a place of low self-esteem.

This can be a touchy subject for me – as much as I enjoy spending time connecting with my friends I also need my alone time to recharge my ‘social batteries’ but sometimes too much alone time can led to a dark depression for me also – it is a fine balance and one I have not yet gotten the hang of.

I also detach from myself sometimes – usually when I am depressed. I lack the motivation to do something to help myself…which in turn leads me into a deeper exile with myself. I do have an idea of something which could help me but it is something I need to put together when I am not feeling low. A self-help motivation kit – obviously mine would be a lot different from yours but a few things I would include are: positive affirmations, aromatherapy (geranium brightens my mood), yoga or exercise (I would include a list rather than put all these things in one place as my yoga mat would be very hard to fit in!), a playlist of songs that make me feel good, my oracle cards to guide me through, crystals (citrine and rose quartz with a clear quartz would work well for me), a favourite book or movie – that’s all I have so far but you get the gist of it. I will also add a letter to myself – to remind myself of who I am without the depression – to make myself remember that this is just me having a bad day/week. I would also give myself a small but effective kick up the butt if I have been letting my altar time slide too!

So moving on back to the card, in other posts I have talked about feeling I have neglected my spiritual community but I know this card is not about that since I have reconnected and am coming along with lessons and classes quite well. I have recently done a social cull on one of my media platforms – I had too many people on there that I had never spoken to once and I prefer quality over quantity with friends every time. Seems in this day and age it is quite hard to make friends – with everything being via a screen or a mobile. People don’t talk anymore – they message. This is fine when the person you are talking to is in another country but I am talking about people sitting next to one another and messaging…something is getting very wrong with our culture. Don’t get me wrong I love technology but I think for the sake of the children in the world people need to start communicating properly with each other again otherwise we will all be in exile – from each other and from ourselves.


*As always the card image and meaning are taken from “The Shamans Oracle”

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