Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

Shaman of Courage

“I am the Shaman of Courage. Whenever and wherever you need me, I will be there to help you to discover the resources that lie within you – resources you may not know you possess. I am there to support you in times of need, when challenges become overwhelming, when strength is required to make even an inch of progress along the way. I journey into fear and at its heart find courage to overwhelm it. This courage I impart to you, and will guide and protect you if you are ever in danger.”

Card Meaning:

Courage is one of the fundamental resources of life, and without it we come to a standstill, physically and mentally. Often it takes great fortitude for us to travel toward our goal, for inevitably we will encounter hardships along the way. Yet we can all summon up from deep inside ourselves the courage we need, however much we may doubt it. While this is most true of those who find themselves in extremes of stress, conflict or danger, it is also true of those who face a purely inward challenge. The Shaman of Courage know where we can find the inner resources we never knew we had.

Keyword Interpretations: Finding the courage to advance; Understanding loss of power; Recovering lost strengths; Facing danger; Maintaining calm; Transforming fear into power

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time:

Courage isn’t always extreme. Courage can be as simple as a quiet voice in a howling wind saying “No” but it will still be heard – that is the beauty and strength of courage. It usually only takes one person to stand up and make a change – others will then find their courage through that person. But finding the courage to *be* that person is what we all need to focus on – especially now as the world stands. There is too much of sweeping crap under the carpet and averting eyes. There are not enough people willing to step up and out of their comfort zones. People make jokes to lighten a situation – even a horrific situation and it is not right. Too many people are being hurt in this world and there are not enough people trying to help or heal.

I myself this past week have had to stop my own anger. It has taken a lot to attempt to calm myself down but I would not stay quiet – too many people stay quiet and do not defend others. Too many people watch the news, make jokes and forget the people caught in the crossfire. I know people aren’t perfect but when are people (and by people I mean everyone of any or no religion) going to realise the power of their words and the effect they can have.  Even witches do this and they seem to completely forget that one of the 13 goals of a witch is: Keep your words in good order.

Often it is harder to stand up to friends – for example peer-pressure (which is unfortunately rampant in schools these days). Finding the courage to go against the people you call your friends when they do something you see are wrong is hard. You don’t always handle it the right way – sometimes you end up in a full blown argument if you yourself cannot keep your own words and thoughts in good order. But it is important to speak up and out – otherwise how does anything in this world ever change.

The inward challenge is realising when to let go of people who do this. When to realise that when someone does/says ‘types of things’ more than once that you find hurtful and down-right immature, things that hurt you or your family and they truly don’t understand themselves what the issue is – they don’t understand why you can’t ‘take a certain joke’ or just shut up and ignore it. That is when to stop and let go of them – we cannot control others or their actions – but we can limit the damage they do in our own lives. We can be victims and moan and get anger over and over again or we can simply let go.

I guess sometimes people don’t truly understand unless they have personally been affected. People who make jokes about abuse has never seen what it has done to someone they love – the long standing effect it can have on that person. Someone who has never lost someone to war may find war funny…they don’t understand you can lose people to PTSD via war too. People who have never lost a parent find it funny to bully a child who has lost hers without knowing the damage their words can have – I have personally been a victim of the last one and I know the damage of the others I spoke about because I have seen it in my loved ones eyes.

What I find truly sickening and horrible about the world we live in (besides every horrific news story that gets worse each day and the fact that so many people are liking horrific videos on youtube that shouldn’t even be on there) is the fact that people now make jokes about these horrors. I understand the need to make a joke in dark times – to lighten the mood but certain topics are not and are never funny. It saddens me immensely to find people – friends, family even – will do this without thinking…it never enters into their heads how inappropriate, how disturbing or how truly sickening the remarks are. Which is why it is good when people have the courage to stand up and say something – it may not change anything about the situation but at least the world…the universe…the divine…you yourself know that you have tried and you have not stood by as others have. Sometimes it does make a bloody difference.

So this card is affirming my courage and letting me know I have support around me. It is telling me that courage needs to be nurtured in this world and to be found even when you don’t think you can find it. Trust me – I am one person who does not find conflict easy – I am petite, shy, quiet and a bundle of anxiety a lot of the time and if you think for one second that stops me speaking my mind/opinion/my truth or calling others on their bullshit…then you are wrong. I always thought I was weak when I was younger – because of my quietness and shyness but I almost* always was able to find my courage (*almost not always because we all make mistakes – we are human and we are beautifully flawed).

May we always find strength in ourselves to be guided by the light that is the fire of courage.


*as always the card image and meanings are taken from the “Shamans Oracle”