Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Holiday Thoughts!

Happy Holidays

I just want to wish everyone who reads my blog (and has put up with my very long absences!) a wonderful holiday season - no matter what spirituality, religion, or lack thereof!

So many people seem to be arguing in the world right now - over religions - I’m not even going into the Starbucks Cup lunacy that was all over FB awhile back. 

Not “one” religion owns this time of the year - but if I have learnt anything from all these religions it is that this is supposed to be a time of peace, joy and family. I realise the world is less than peaceful right now but I think we can all join together in being a bit kinder towards each other.

This time of the year for me use to have a special feeling….it wasn’t something that could be wrapped & put under a tree. It was that feeling of making someone else smile and be happy. When shopping for cards & gifts for friends and family in town people *use* to be nicer, strangers would smile, people would pick up a dropped toy of a Childs and wish each other a happy Christmas - now people barely look at each other, they push and shove, moan and groan. They stare into phones and ignore who they are with. Hell you get looked at like an alien if you say “bless you” to someone who sneezes! I have had pagans get offended if I have wished them a happy Christmas (not people I know - till attendants that are complete strangers - how would I know what religion they are!) telling me it’s “Yule for gods’ sake” - when did people get so….mean-spirited? Does it truly matter what word is used to signify a happy holiday greeting - would it kill people to just be happy? Just when did people turn in to the Grinch? Not that I mind the Grinch…love that film right along with Scrooge.

So this holiday - wherever you are I wish you happiness, joy, peace and love - May your days be merry and bright….and may your Christmas be one filled with gratitude and those you love.
Happy….December - the month of cheer, hot chocolate and woollen mittens!


PS - if you are able this month remember to try and make a donation of food, clothing etc to a charity. Whether for humans or pets, there are a lot of people in need in this world right now. There are plenty of food banks, toy appeals, pet food appeals, world crisis’s etc that could use the help. If you aren’t able to, due to your own circumstances, a prayer can go a long way in this world *Hugs*

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