Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sundays Shamans Oracle

Well it’s a very late Sunday evening in the United Kingdom and I am just in time to make my weekly blog! I wasn’t sure I could schedule myself to be honest but events lately have made me need to actually use my calendar! So shall let us see what the oracle has in store for me today and get on with that pull…

“I am the Hunter of Gifts. I seek out the most valuable things you need to enable you to live life to the fullest. I hunt through your thoughts, through your experiences and through your deepest feelings to discover the true gifts of your life, which can help you find the right direction. Whatever gifts you are looking for, I will seek them for you. And I will teach you to recognise the gifts you already possess. Follow where I lead, for I can help you to flourish in every way.”

The Hunter Of Gifts

The gifts this Hunter seeks are not just those of food, shelter, or possessions. Rather they are the gifts of living: strength, health, vitality, as well as the bountiful gifts of the imagination, of creative flair, love and honour. In times of hardship the gift of perseverance is vital; in times of plenty the gift of wise stewardship is essential. The Hunter of Gifts is attuned to our most urgent requirements, and senses how best to replenish us when we are lacking. Everything this hunter offers is a gift of life, be it a gift of joy, energy, truth or hope. In times of greatest need this figure will bring us what we require.

*Keyword Interpretations: Inner Gifts; Recognising our skills and values; The flowering of imagination; Discovering your potential; Finding your way; Valuing truth; Using skills and talents*

My Interpretations for me at this time…

Well I don’t recall ever pulling this card before! It is a wonderfully magickal feeling to have had a pack of cards for so long and to find one you have never been given before by the oracle! I guess the oracle is always full of surprises and gifts! My first thought (before opening my book to the inscription for this card - as typed above) I could feel the light, love and warmth coming from it overwhelmingly. It wasn’t just the warmth of the colours in the card – it just felt…happy and safe.

I suppose this is the time of year that is attuned to gifts but this card is about the true meaning of gifts. They are not something that can be wrapped with a bow or contained within a box. They are not something you can be brought from a shop or that you can buy for someone. They are gifts in the truest sense of the word…and I think people forget the true sense of the word a lot these days. Whether it be a magickal gift - one of healing, protection, medium-ship or a gift just as magickal, such as, a gift of kindness to others, of being a guiding light in the dark, or being able to help others in pain. There are many gifts in this world – creativity, love, hope, truth…Whatever your gift is – it is unique to you and it is not something that can be used in the way that you do, in this time. Everyone is born with a gift – it may be hidden to you, but so very clear to others, but you will find it when it is needed the most.

So…now I have rambled on a bit maybe I can pull together what this card is trying to show me right now! I must admit it is a hard one as there is so many ways you could read this card…inner gifts, hidden gifts of potential, valuing the gifts you have in your life – be it joy, love, family, friends or pets. It could be finding ways to use your own gifts in order to help others or to build something new creatively such as a business, writing a book….so many gifts that people have in this world just hidden in plain sight.

I think for me, this card, is telling me that I have to look within. I have been told often, by many people in my life, that I have so much potential. But life has found a way of stopping me in my tracks and stopping me from really being able to live sometimes. I think…no…I feel that the oracle is telling me to stop hiding from myself and the world around me and to find out truly what I am capable of with my own unique gifts. To find a way to flourish and grow my inner gifts – no matter what life throws my way and to recognise them in myself as values – I haven’t always valued myself….I have struggled over the years with numerous problems and I let myself fade into depression – only caring about others but not myself. The oracle is telling me….showing me even, that it is time to focus on me…that my heart and soul are waiting to teach me about my gifts, to guide me on my path and I just need to make time to listen and learn.But the oracle is also telling me to appreciate the gifts I have in this world – to enjoy them but not take them for granted.

The funny thing is about gifts is that they can often be in disguise…in fairy tales gifts were often portrayed as curses given by evil witches or evil queens…but I subscribe to the idea that those witches or queens weren’t evil – they were in fact pushing those characters to dig deeper than they ever had before, putting them through hardship in order to make them rise like a phoenix from the ashes of their lives. They made them find their gifts in order to survive. After all, is that not what the Dark Goddesses do…? They test you, strip away what is unnecessary? Help you through the dark night of the soul in order for you to find what really is your true potential, your true gift, your true purpose? I like to think so *smiles*

So I shall listen…to my heart and soul and see where they take me…See you soon!


*as always the picture and its inscription were taken from The Shamans Oracles Deck.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sundays Shamans Oracle

So I’m back for the weekly Shaman Oracle card pull – I am aiming to be here every Sunday to post one of these. If I’m not able to it is that I can’t help it that week – I don’t pre-write them – I pull them on the spot so the interpretations are fresh and from a meditative perspective. On a side-note I am aiming to start blogging more – I’m hoping for twice a week at first and I have gotten myself a notebook to put down ideas of things to blog about and insights for when they come to me – although it seems that under the shower is where my inspiration starts to flow…if you ever hear of someone inventing waterproof paper let me know LOL!!! I guess there is something about water and how it encourages the flow of thoughts and words…So on to todays card!

“I am the Shaman of Foresight. I travel the road before you, bringing back reports of what lies ahead. I can teach you to see beyond the moment, to live in such a way that whatever new task you undertake, you are always ready to adjust accordingly. I prepare the way ahead, ensuring that wherever your journey leads, you will enter into each new moment with clear intent and true perception.”

The Shaman Of Foresight

Foresight enables us to find the way toward our own destiny. It take us safely past obstacles or traps, beyond stormy seas into calmer waters. For our ancestors the ability to imagine what might happen next would often have meant the different between life and death. In our own lives foresight means being prepared for every eventuality. The Shaman of Foresight helps us to work on our expectations so we are ready for whatever life throws at us. The image on this card shows the handprint enclosed in a cage: foresight shows us how we may avoid such captivity in the first place.

Keyword Interpretations: Preparedness; Being watchful; Transcending the moment; Looking ahead; Interpreting signs; Taking advice; Acting intentionally; Listening to instincts, dreams and visions.

My interpretation of this card for me at this time:

…I really wanted to not have to delve into politics. I wanted my blog to be…free from the bullshit that is going down in the world but clearly the oracle had other plans…so I apologise, in advance, as I am sure you are all sick to the back teeth of hearing about politics!

I can’t help but think of the anger in the world right now by looking at this card and its meaning…some people are elated by election results and some people, a lot of people, are quite frankly terrified by it. Luckily I am on the other side of the pond (not that it helps when you look at the big picture – our nations have huge influence over each other!) but I have seen a lot in the news, on social media etc to know how upset people are. A huge number of my friends are equally scared, worried, angry and quite frankly pissed at the system right now and what it has brought them. Luckily a few of them are trying there hardest to keep the peace but it is a hard battle with so many people angry.

This card for me…it is telling me not to react in the heat of the moment. It is telling me to look ahead, be prepared for what could be next and formulate a plan. Act as you mean to go on in life – work peacefully – I am not saying don’t be angry – anger can be a powerful weapon of change, a sword if you will in the face of injustice, but too much anger can end up hurting the people you are trying to protect in the first place and you can end up hurting yourself. Anger can also blind you in some circumstances – right now more than ever people need to see clearly!

This card is telling me to focus. Don’t get swept up in anger – look ahead at the bigger picture. Look within – focus on your intuition – forewarned is forearmed. Violence leads to more violence – don’t let yourself get caught up in that cage of negativity. People are a powerful source for good when they work together – work together in peace and to protect. Do what you can to help each other move forward in safety – love not hate will win out in the end but only if you channel that light within yourself and show others the way.

That’s all for now,

*as always card image and meaning is taken from The Shamans Oracle 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Remember me? I’m back…

Well it’s been a long while since I have blogged. Health issues, family illness, family having operations and being in and out of hospital….this year seems to have gotten away from me but I guess that’s life…tends to happen when you aren’t planning for it.

The universe grounded me in more than one way this year…physically I haven’t been mobile much over the past few months, before that family was in and out of the A&E and then recovering from more than one operation. Just as things seems to be calming down and getting back to normal more upheaval comes along and more family issues rear their heads…but honestly I didn’t come back to talk about any of that….this isn’t a journal…it’s a blog and I am stalling as I am out of practice at writing….or of having anyone read my writing – I guess that’s my introverted nature though *smiles* and honestly I was worried as I hadn’t picked up my oracle cards all year – yes I know, such a long time and I have sorely missed them. I was worried that I may lose my connection (a silly worry I know but there it is – we all have these doubts) or lose my ability to listen to them or them to me….

So I picked them up…felt them and I knew they had just been waiting for me. I closed my eyes and I saw a woman…in a cave with only a fire for light – I couldn’t see her face but I could see her wild hair – I swear there was a twig or leaves in it! She was throwing bones on the floor in front of the fire…there were drawings behind her on the wall – and as she noticed me she asked me “What do you want to know?” I replied “I want to know what I need…” Her eyes seemed to light up at my answer and I felt her smile as she asked me “So what do you need…” as she threw down some bones I answered…”Hope…” as I said this I was thinking about the world, the earth and the way everything has felt so dismal and overshadowed by fear and negativity….and at that point the shaman cards I was shuffling pushed a card out…I felt it come away from the rest of the pack and nudge my hand with its curved corner. I opened my eyes, sad to be away from the cave I saw and looked at the card…and smiled...

 “I am the Hunter of Strength. I seek the shapes and patterns of energy to find the name and nature of the strength you need. Wherever you stand in the journey of life, you require strength to empower you. Soul-strength and heart-strength, bone-strength and emotional strength are all a part of the pattern you walk. At your side I guide you toward all that you need and ensure that you do not overreach your native power”

The Hunter Of Strength

Here, a hunter is reaching down to tap into the strength of a great animal. We too can draw strength from many places: from the inner worlds, from our family and loved ones, from the Earth and the creatures with whom we need, while at the same time helping us to understand the nature of that strength, which is often spiritual rather than physical. Strength is a natural part of our daily lives. To make progress we need to acknowledge where best to find it – and how to recover it if it should ever be lost.

*Interpretations: Force of will; Strength to accomplish your dreams; Recognition of your own power and that of others; Recognising weakness; Drawing on the energies that surround you*

My interpretations for me:

I guess I had never looked at hope as strength...but it is. It can be a great strength in this world. Hope can stop you crumbling, it can make you strive for what you want and need. It can turn the worst day into something good by seeing things differently – hope can help you overcome the negativity and fear in this world. In being able to hope, you are choosing to believe in a different future, a different time, a better place. In not choosing hope you make yourself miserable and critical of not only the world around you but also of yourself and those you love. In being critical and always seeing what is lacking and what is wrong you don’t see the potential for what is right and what could be achieved by looking forward in the best possible way. Without destruction…there is no creation, without death…there is no rebirth.

Hope is a powerful ally. It gets put down a lot – it gets laughed at, the piss taken out of it, crushed yet it always survives, hope is always there… Hope is a lot stronger than people give it credit for *smiles* hope is resilient so it truly is a good strength to have in your spiritual arsenal!

Other things that comes to mind with this card is how I always assume strength is physical…I have literally been grounded by the universe for putting too much stress on my body and making it over-do exercising – hip bursitis, tendonitis, back and ankle sprains….had it all over the past few months. I forgot my limits, I forgot to listen to my body…it does not have an ever-ending supply of strength. Strength has to be built….and built up slowly – just like emotional strength, bone strength, soul strength or heart strength…nothing becomes strong overnight.

Something else to consider….once you have strength it has to be tested. This universe has a way of seeking out where you are vulnerable…where you could improve your strength. Only by being tested do you truly find your strength or see how strong you are – I am mostly talking emotional & spiritual strength here but it can be applied to most areas of strength – family strength, soul strength, strength of character or will. I guess that is the price of any strength…once you have it you have to maintain it & strengthen it otherwise is can wilt – just like a muscle can.

Well I know I have more cards to pull so I shall be back but for now I am glad…glad that my connection to my oracle is still there…that I can still connect on a soul level with my cards and glad that I have finally dusted off the blog and posted!

See you soon!