Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sundays Shamans Oracle

So I’m back for the weekly Shaman Oracle card pull – I am aiming to be here every Sunday to post one of these. If I’m not able to it is that I can’t help it that week – I don’t pre-write them – I pull them on the spot so the interpretations are fresh and from a meditative perspective. On a side-note I am aiming to start blogging more – I’m hoping for twice a week at first and I have gotten myself a notebook to put down ideas of things to blog about and insights for when they come to me – although it seems that under the shower is where my inspiration starts to flow…if you ever hear of someone inventing waterproof paper let me know LOL!!! I guess there is something about water and how it encourages the flow of thoughts and words…So on to todays card!

“I am the Shaman of Foresight. I travel the road before you, bringing back reports of what lies ahead. I can teach you to see beyond the moment, to live in such a way that whatever new task you undertake, you are always ready to adjust accordingly. I prepare the way ahead, ensuring that wherever your journey leads, you will enter into each new moment with clear intent and true perception.”

The Shaman Of Foresight

Foresight enables us to find the way toward our own destiny. It take us safely past obstacles or traps, beyond stormy seas into calmer waters. For our ancestors the ability to imagine what might happen next would often have meant the different between life and death. In our own lives foresight means being prepared for every eventuality. The Shaman of Foresight helps us to work on our expectations so we are ready for whatever life throws at us. The image on this card shows the handprint enclosed in a cage: foresight shows us how we may avoid such captivity in the first place.

Keyword Interpretations: Preparedness; Being watchful; Transcending the moment; Looking ahead; Interpreting signs; Taking advice; Acting intentionally; Listening to instincts, dreams and visions.

My interpretation of this card for me at this time:

…I really wanted to not have to delve into politics. I wanted my blog to be…free from the bullshit that is going down in the world but clearly the oracle had other plans…so I apologise, in advance, as I am sure you are all sick to the back teeth of hearing about politics!

I can’t help but think of the anger in the world right now by looking at this card and its meaning…some people are elated by election results and some people, a lot of people, are quite frankly terrified by it. Luckily I am on the other side of the pond (not that it helps when you look at the big picture – our nations have huge influence over each other!) but I have seen a lot in the news, on social media etc to know how upset people are. A huge number of my friends are equally scared, worried, angry and quite frankly pissed at the system right now and what it has brought them. Luckily a few of them are trying there hardest to keep the peace but it is a hard battle with so many people angry.

This card for me…it is telling me not to react in the heat of the moment. It is telling me to look ahead, be prepared for what could be next and formulate a plan. Act as you mean to go on in life – work peacefully – I am not saying don’t be angry – anger can be a powerful weapon of change, a sword if you will in the face of injustice, but too much anger can end up hurting the people you are trying to protect in the first place and you can end up hurting yourself. Anger can also blind you in some circumstances – right now more than ever people need to see clearly!

This card is telling me to focus. Don’t get swept up in anger – look ahead at the bigger picture. Look within – focus on your intuition – forewarned is forearmed. Violence leads to more violence – don’t let yourself get caught up in that cage of negativity. People are a powerful source for good when they work together – work together in peace and to protect. Do what you can to help each other move forward in safety – love not hate will win out in the end but only if you channel that light within yourself and show others the way.

That’s all for now,

*as always card image and meaning is taken from The Shamans Oracle 

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