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So I figured I should add an “about me” page to the blog – I know I covered some stuff in my first blog post but I thought a page would be more in-depth and interesting – plus it gives me something to look back on in a year to see how and if I have changed much etc!

So….the basics I am a 31 year old woman living in the UK (United Kingdom) and I am a witch. I practise an eclectic style but if you want my personal way/recipe/label I practise Eclectic Shamanic Witchcraft and I am a Priestess of Hecate.

The goddess found me when I was little but I didn’t start actively practising or learning about the craft until I was around 13.  The first ever book on Witchcraft I brought and read was the aptly named “Teen Witch” by Silver Ravenwolf. I have changed through the years – going from identifying as Wiccan to now being comfortable enough to say I am a witch who practises witchcraft – my tradition grows and changes as I do but I am not Wiccan – it is a beautiful path and one I thought at the beginning of my journey that I would be on forever but the path I was on twisted around on me and I found myself identifying as a witch. In years that followed I dedicated to the craft, self-initiated and dedicated as a priestess of Hecates. This has been an interesting path - which is by no means over and I look forward to what it will bring in the future!

Now a lot of people get a little antsy when I say I am not Wiccan. They think if I am not ‘Wiccan’ that I have no rules – no rede but this is not true.  I follow a rede – my own and it is based on my own ethics and moral compass. I do not harm others and I do not practise magick that would harm. I am a good person but I will defend myself and my loved ones if I need to. My rede is summed up with this quote “Do no harm…Take no shit” – I believe everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and is perfectly capable of keeping themselves ‘in check’ – if you can’t then you don’t have any business (in my opinion) practising the craft! I also believe in karma and universal justice – you will get back what you give out – it may or may not be threefold, it may or may not happen immediately but the universe does work in this way (in my opinion) – my reasons are simple – energy can never be destroyed, it only changes – whatever you send out into this universe will have a way of finding its way back to you and my second reason is simple – cause and effect – whatever you do will cause a ripple effect to go out and that will change things – whatever you do, however small, has an effect in this world.

So now we have the antsy bit regarding rules and my own ethics out of the way *grins* my craft is simple – I work my magick in small ways every day. I send out healing for the earth, animals and people. I send out healing for loved ones. I work with the elements and the Goddess Hecate as she is my patron deity who guides me and I am also one of ‘hers’ = meaning her priestess.  I celebrate the sabbats in my own way – I don’t always do a circle and I don’t always have a big celebration. I have a dedicated altar set up – although if you ask me it looks more like a shrine to Hecate most days…which I am sure is no coincidence! I do devotional work every day – including nightly devotions to Hecate. I work with my totem animals – my main ones are Spider, Cat and King Cobra – but recently (over the past 3-4 years) the butterfly and Magpie have added themselves into that group too. My favourite types of magick are: Elemental magick, Candle magick and Healing Magick. I also have quite an extensive interest in protection magick, shielding magick, shadow magick and working one-on-one with my Patron Hecate. I have quite a few BOS’s (Books of Shadows) – including one on my PC. I like to write poetry – for my patron and my BOS. I like to write my own rituals and spells. I love to read (fiction and non-fiction) and I am a total bookworm – I read everything on Witchcraft that looks good and interesting! I have more books than I have bookcases to store them in (thank the gods for kindle!) and I happily love writing reviews for the books too :D

I love to journal, write, draw and sing (not that I can sing….it may or may not be a coincidence that it rains, hails or snows when I sing….) and I love my drum. I cannot walk past it without beating out a little tune! It is a hand carved drum with elephants carved into it and it is beautiful – must add a picture sometime! I love to collect statues and pictures of Hecate – in fact I need to start hanging these pictures on my walls! I also have a key obsession thanks to a certain lady too *wink*

I haven’t mentioned a God (as in a male god) on purpose and that’s because I don’t have a patron God yet. I have my strong suspicions and have more than a couple popping up recently but I have concluded I am not yet ready. I am quite happy to work with Hecate and to continue to get to know her more and build a stronger relationship with her – so at the moment my patron God is dancing in the wings….which seems to suit everyone all around currently. You may notice I don’t switch gods based on sabbats or seasons – I am with who I am with – loyalty and trust takes time to build and I don’t believe in changing things every five minutes – just my own way. I am free to work with other God/desses but don’t unless I feel strongly called to and I make sure it is ok with my patron as I am dedicated to her. Don’t get me wrong – I research other Gods and love reading up on them, learning about them and their stories – especially dark goddesses but I am good with where I am right now – this feels right.

So other than me being a witch….I am a water-sign (horoscope) and a fire sign (Year of the Tiger) so I am a contradiction at times and not  easily predictable….which is a nice way of saying a pain in the ass! I love gaming – Wii, PC, DS – My top faves are Animal Crossing, Phoenix Wright, The Sims1/2/3/4, Zelda and Mario *Grins*

I have a deep love of books thanks to my mum – in fiction my taste range from romance to sci fi to supernatural to horror and if they combine them all I happily away in a world of my own! I love watching movies and TV Shows – too many favourites to go into but as you can see from my books I love a varied range of genres.

I like to keep fit – I adore my WiiFit board and active fit games, walking and hiking and I love yoga. I love colouring mandala’s – I find this one of the best ways to relax and meditate! I love nature and I am very green – I drive my mum mad with recycling and being eco-friendly! I am vegetarian and I love to cook – although cheesecake is my favourite thing to bake by far….not that it entails much cooking! I am also very eco and justice minded – I sign a ton of petitions for animals, people, the earth etc every day - my way of trying to make a difference in this world. I love to take photographs and have walks by water or through the woods.

Also I am a tech-girl…so as much as my wifi drives me batty somedays I love my computer/phones/technology – but I do have a self-imposed breaks from it once a month…I recommend it for keeping you sane *winks*

Well….I guess that’s me….hope you enjoyed this ramble LOL!

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